Religious Bigotry and Incitement

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by asst_dep_to_dep_asst, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. Anybody have a view on the Foreign Office's decision to allow the recent visit by a known Islamic extremist preacher (apologies, I've forgotten his name), despite advice from our own diplomatic service?

    Is UK plc proving to the world that it will put up with any amount of subversion in the name of free speech, or is the FO filled with a bunch of pillocks?
  2. I'm with the bunch of pillocks option.
  3. Pillocks option as well,but where did you get the idea we have Free Speech?
  4. I'll go with the pillocks option
  5. is...however I would add dangerously irresponsible pillocks!!
  6. Their reasoning is certainly novel. The moderate Muslim community have condemned the invitation as being counterproductive to the objective of community cohesion. So in response the invitation goes ahead. My understanding of the FO's "reasoning" is that by inviting Delwar Hossain Sayeedi into Britain they are allowing a major player to share his views, and engaging with a key influential figure in the Islamic world. The problem is, as has been pointed out to them by British diplomats and the moderate British Muslim community (who represent the silent majority), Delwar Hossain Sayeedi's opinions are those of a tiny radical minority.
  7. A tiny radical minority that from discussions I have heard through sources unnamed is getting bigger by the day.....!!

    Seeing as the FO have little grasp on the realities in Britain at the moment it would be nice to see the Home office use those new powers we as the voting public have given them and see him locked up for inciting racial hatred at the first opportunity, a couple of years behind bars followed by a flight home................

    Two words.....FAT CHANCE!!
  8. I meant to say religious hatred but you get my drift!
  9. His influence will grow because the FO have given him a credience he formerly lacked. After all why bother being moderate when HMG only listen to the radicals like the MCB and ignore the moderate Muslim majority. The irony is that these consequences seem invisible to our lords and masters.
  10. You dont need many people in a "tiny radical minority" to active a bombing campaign!I beleive the last one was less than 6!
  11. so general drift is ,"dangerous irresponsible pillocks then" :lol: and hitthepig is right we don't have free speach (any MODS with a point of view here? :wink: )
  12. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    And there is no hint of the fact that they may be inviting him in just to observe and flush out other radicals, then?

    Ooooh, no!

  13. Pillocks! brain dead knob heads.

    Enough of the scum bags over here as it is without wining and dining more it would be best to take out a few pensioners to Blackpool!!! Am I still allowed to say Blackpool????
  14. That is a bit of a dangerous precedent to set, is it not? What could the potential repercussions be if they were to miss some of these followers?
  15. Where's the link to the story?
  16. You CAN say Black-pool but other place names are more controversial, such as Ports-mouth - imputing that a person has either an enormous mouth, drinks to much port or spouts off left wing drivel. Then there's Devon-port which breaches EU rules on protecting the local status of foodstuffs such as Melton Mobray pies, which must now be made in MM. As Port in made in Portugal, Devonport is now illegal. Then we have Ply-mouth....... :lol:
  17. PTP - do you really need a link to a particular report. It wasn't a specific story that provoked the thread.
  18. I'll gowith Pillocks too....Ranks with allowing them to conduct a public cremation as seen on the news last week......what next ?
  19. Where I live the gobby muslim preachers get "disappeared", not very politicaly correct, probably not morally right either. But people seem to approve and it does seem to keep their number from spreading. I like it. Sadly the UK will never work like this. Shite!
  20. Yeah, I'll go with total pillocks too. I could use stronger words but I'd probably get locked up for inciting racial / religious predjudice. :evil:

    But then again, what do you expect from a FO that doesn't even know how many assylum seekers they have let in!! What's one more? And anyway, Abu Hamza or whatever his name was (Captain Hook) was allowed to preach racial / religious hatred for years against the country who took him and his kind in and provided them with what they wanted.

    Let's face it, the only people is this world who aren't protected against rel / rac hatred are white, western christians living in Great Britain!!! :x

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