Religion and spirituality

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2_deck_dash, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. Having read the thread about the bish who keeps complaining, it got me seriously thinking about religion and what it means to me.

    Standby for some deep shit:

    Personally I don't believe in a God as such. I go to church for Remembrance Day, weddings, funerals etc. for all the obvious reasons and I got married in a CofE church but this was to reflect English tradition more than anything else. Much in the same way that I don't think London cabs are the most efficient form of transport, I still like to have them around as it is a part of our history and culture.

    A quote that sums up God for me from a mental Aussie film which contains rape, incest and cat murder, but that's for a different thread:

    I particularly like the last sentence; ''take responsibility for who you are.'' This pretty much sums up all religion for me, it is a way of laying blame upon something else to cover up our faults, an outside source of control to your life that you can blame when things don't go your way.

    As for an afterlife, I like to look at it logically. As mentioned in the quote, everything on Earth is made up of a series of chemical particles, these particles never disappear, but they can take on a different form, therefore when you die the particles you are made of still exist but they maybe dispersed by whatever means your body is disposed of. I.E. If you are cremated the particles will be dispersed as ash and smoke by the wind, if you are buried at sea, the particles will be dispersed by fish who eat you and then shit you out.

    As these particles are dispersed eventually they take on a different form I.E. a particle that was carried by the wind may end up becoming a piece of soil that in turn becomes a plant which is then eaten by an animal. It is possible that certain aspects of your memory or character are carried in these particles and may one day appear again as the particles take on a new form. Therefore you never completely die as one day a piece of you, no matter how small will live again in a different form.

    So to conclude:

    I don't agree with religion however I will happily go to church for no other reason than I believe it reflects the culture and history of this Country.

    I believe the idea of God to be absurd, and I believe existence can clearly be explained by Darwin's theory of evolution.

    I think people take comfort in religion as a way of shirking responsibilty for their own actions and behaviour.

    I believe that the arrangement of particles in our bodies never die and simply live on in a different, re-arranged form.
  2. What's religion?
  3. "London cabs are the most efficient form of transport"

  4. I find saying this to Jehova's witnesses followed by a swift kicking whilst reciting the quote from my post, usually gets the fcukers off my doorstep.

  5. I like Jehova's. I got a cellar full.
  6. :D You telling me a Ford Galaxy wouldn't do the job just as well and more cheaply? Just ask Addison Lee.

    You would also have less fcukers doing U turns into the path of traffic.
  7. 2DD this is some pretty heavy stuff for a wednesday morning but all in all have to say I think you've got it sussed.
  8. I like the taxi's in Dubai. Got carpet on the dash, C.D hanging from the mirror, and they smell of strawberry tobacco and sweat. Nice.

    Also, you aint gotta pay if you don't feel like it. A Bit like the West Midlands really.
  9. Cheers shippers, I was on the sauce last night and the thread about the bish just got me thinking.
  10. 2DD, our maker has assembled people like yourself for the sole/soul (?) purpose of turning to as Duty Watch for each religious festival. :wink:
  11. Yeah fcuk it, I probably am going to hell, but all the interesting people are there and at least I will know a few folk.

    You can fcuking keep your Cliff Richard and Mother Theresa, I bet neither of them have ever trapped a whore or shat themselves whilst out on the lash.
  12. He's a not so secret bummer who according to most religions will burn in Hell for it and she was a massive opponent of condoms which although a small contribution no doubt helped India get that twenty million plus with AIDs medal.
  13. Mother Teresa cooked a lousy breakfast. :wink:
  14. Well I've never been bumming in my life, (well not in a gay way) and I always bag up when I'm whoring so does that mean I am going to Heaven?

    Fcuk, better do another child finding trip to Portugal, I don't wanna be the only cnut I know in the afterlife!

    On a seperate note someone once told me that Hell is a large dining table with a magnificent feast laid out upon it. All the diners have 6 foot long chopsticks to eat their scran with, therefore they can't get the scoff in their mouths. Heaven is identicle except the diners have learned that if they feed their oppo, their oppo will feed them in return.

    Personally I would just eat with my hands.
  15. Bit like the catholic priesthood, Professional virgins (allegedly) who preach to the shagging masses on the best way to do it????? IMO the rythm method is ace to reggae but can't see how it stops babies though.

    Edited to add if 2DD is right about the scran then get buried with a spoon...sorted
  16. I find a post coitus cnut punt and a quick launch down the stairs tend to clear up any baby issues that may arise.

  17. Ha ha ha. That steamer is right up there. HA ha.
  18. That picture damn near made me piss myself. Utter genius has made my day
  19. that is a proper cracking cnut punt
  20. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Fucking hell 2DD. What an articulate, well researched and presented piece. It's almost to good for Lil's. You have hit the nail square on the head and in my opinion, you are spot on. I believe that most military people think like this. I'm not religious either as it goes but after your two pennorth, i look on you as my new deity and am willing to nosh you off to completion.

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