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Relative in WWII RN submarine



Family tradition has it that my grand-uncle was CPO on a RN submarine during the last unpleasantness. I have a number of photographs relevant to this, in one of which a submarine (would I be correct in saying 'boat' here?) with the designation 'H44' is shown.

I am told that he was torpedoed and sunk in the Far East and was a POW of the Japanese for some time. Apart from the official channels, can anyone on here throw some light on this for me?

I will take a look at the photographs again to check the details, and will post scanned images of them where possible.

Your grand-uncle could well have been on H44, which was used as a training boat in Scottish waters,based at Rothesay, during WW2. Here's a pic of a similar boat (H49)....

No H-class got to the Far East, so I'd be intrigued to discover which boat (or ship) your grand-uncle was on at the time of being torpedoed.


You can find most details on tracing family members HERE, though you may need something like an official number, rate etc.

You didn't say - did your grand-uncle survive the Japanese? Many submariners didn't.
Coming back to this topic very much after the fact.

I finally managed to figure out how to post images here. Below are pictures of my granduncle (wearing a cap with what appears to be HMS Vansittart on it); a postcard of what looks like a march past at a review (I am told my grand uncle is in it); and the aforemetioned H44 - this picture has 'Malta' written on the reverse.

According to what I have been told, my granduncle joined the Navy whilst very young, and completed his education there - it is entirely possible that he even saw service during the Great War; linked to this is a knapkin ring I have from him, which has a small brass plaque relating to a particular warship at Jutland attached.

He managed to survive imprisonment at the hands of the Japanese - apparently on the Death Railway - but was 'never the same afterwards', as he suffered from recurrent bouts of malaria and vivid nightmares in which he relived being depth-charged (so I am told).

Again, apologies for the delay.
Do a Google search on HMS Vanstittart She survived the war and was sold for scrap in 1946. A Destroyer built immediately after WW1

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