relationship advice whilst in the mob

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jackdanielsaddict, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. hey guys, neone got any advice about having a relationship whilst in the mob, like when serving away from home etc. cause I'm a little worried about it, love my fella too much to loose him I guess.
  2. Join up then.get drafted to the same ship.Sorted!
  3. are you in or out? either way what happens ,happens
  4. when I'm out I want to be in, and when I'm in I want to be out. sometimes I want to be in and out at the same time!
  5. he's not in the mob and yeah, am out lol
  6. although not quite sure what u meant by in out thing lol

    am in the navy and am out if that makes sense
  7. ermmm do you mean youre gay?
  8. No it doesnt, are you in the Navy or not?
  9. am in the navy and yes I'm bent
  10. Riiiight,now it becomes crystal clear.Cant really offer advice exceot there were a few Lesbian Nurses at Haslar and they seemed to do alright.
  11. still don't!
  12. Just so you know, the Naval Discipline Act doesn't look kindly on fraternisation.
  13. thanks, but like I said, he's not in the mob
  14. The old saying goes;

    A woman in every port

    Could go for a man also 8O

    I suppose it depends on how committed you both are.
  15. Thing is that homos are a notoriously unfaithful bunch anyway.
    Also, being bent you might want to condider the air force, much more "up your alley" so to speak
  16. Its not the f**kin hokey cokey, its a way of life.

    On a sadder note:
    The guy who wrote The Hokey-Cokey died last week. It was a terrible affair. When the mourners were gathered at the graveside, they discovered the coffin was too big. It became damaged as it was lowered in, a huge hole was ripped in the side and the cadaver was half hanging out. Then the problems really began. First, they put his left leg in . . . :twisted:
  17. I know that! It is from a calender with cats on it! Thought it sounded appropriate!
  18. High jack,,, My name is SAM I can wryte to yoo if yoo want, i am away on ship rite now on a seakret meeshion in iran,,, I am captain in intellegince and was shot last nite,,,, we can rite and be good frends,, i am handsome 6 foot 1 and very honest,,, i have a friend ROMI too who like to write,,, and my friend PAM who write two,,,, I am in the BRN but cannot tell you where,,
  19. Sam,
    Do you ever bat for the other side?? All your lovely Italian speak is making me Horney

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