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Rejoins after discharge


Hi i was wondering if I would get accepted again. I failed my running after being on remedials and was discharged. My discharge papers say I can reapply after 1 year but would I get accepted again? Also does anyone know how long the wait for a writer is ? Thanks


War Hero
Only one way to find out. One would imagine that those too bone idle to meet the fitness standards after multiple attempts would be treated extremely warily having already been effectively sacked once - few employers wish to risk throwing good money after bad.

The wait for writer is about 10-12 months from application to entry.


War Hero
Hi i was wondering if I would get accepted again. I failed my running after being on remedials and was discharged. My discharge papers say I can reapply after 1 year but would I get accepted again? Also does anyone know how long the wait for a writer is ? Thanks
When were you discharged - has the year expired? You will need to be very convincing at the AFCO to assure them that it is not going to happen again.
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What extra effort have you made in the last few years that will prove you are fit enough to enter the service?
When I say extra effort that is the effort all other entrants would class as normal fitness preparation. Point to note the fitness side of basic training is probably less than 10% of all your training but an important part of your training.
You need to be at a good standard of fitness before you join as the service need a sound platform to build on, the fitness test pass is a minimum requirement, you are allowed to be fitter than the test requires, the Navy do not have the time to transform a couch potato into a fit service person.


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I reckon if you joined as a writer in the SM Arm they would defo snap you up due to the new SSMP.

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I'm pretty fit at the moment and can pass the running, however I'm still training at the moment and wish to cut another minute off my time before I apply again. Thanks for all you replies
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