Hi there i was thinking of rejoining the rn after 11 years out i was om aw 1 when i left in 2004 with 4 years service and would like to go back as a ct and im 34 now, would i have to do raleigh again or more to the point would they have me back ha ha.
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The odds are, with nearly three times more out than in, you'll start from scratch.

CT has the highest recruit test score whereas OM was pretty much the other end of the scale, so it's well worth getting yourself up to speed using free online psychometric tests by way of revision. You also need a couple of GCSE's, as you're probably aware.

Assuming you left the RN by submitting notice, there's not usually a problem gaining approval to re-enter.

Needless to say, if the reason you left was due to the service itself, odds are nothing has changed that much.

Best of luck.
I thought as much, i did want to join as a stoker int the first place but I was talked into om at the recruitment office, but the tests shouldn't be a problem now As i retrained as a spark when I left and gained A level equivalent in maths. I would do Raleigh again just wanted to know if I had to really. The service itself wasn't the problem for me I guess I was just young and stupid the grass is greener elsewhere kind of thing, but thanks for the help.


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…i did want to join as a stoker int the first place but I was talked into om at the recruitment office, but the tests shouldn't be a problem now As i retrained as a spark when I left and gained A level equivalent in maths.
Hate to break it to you, but I can only think of one reason why a person aspiring to be an MEM would be given the offer of OM instead.

Regardless of further educational achievement, the tip is not to underestimate the level of preparation required - we see graduates fail the recruiting test for rating entry on a weekly basis. Many forget to go back to basics when preparing.

Good luck.
I'm in the exact same situation, I joined as on OM(aw) in 2000 and left in October 2004. I'm now 33 and decided to rejoin . I went to my AFCO in Cardiff 2 years ago with a view to becoming a CT. The wait for a CT intake is long hence the time spent going through this process .

Not only do I have to go through Raleigh again, I had to attended collingwood back in December for a four day course.

My joining date was march 22nd, unfortunately I broke a tiny bone in my hand in December and therefore I must wait a further year before I can start basic training ( providing there is a CT course , else the wait is longer). And go through DV clearance and collingwood again.
It's so frustrating as I'm fully fit already as the break was small, I compete in many contact sports however the RN can only go on my objective medical docs, which state that I broke a tiny bone in my hand - which prohibits entry. I'm devastated . The Cardiff AFCO staff have been amazing throughout the whole process . They have shown the patience of saints .

The Recruit test was difficult, mostly because you know a higher score must be achieved and so you add extra pressure upon yourself. My advice on the RT is to not get bogged down on a question that's too difficult, move on to the next rather than waste too much time pondering.
Instead of intensely revising for hours on end, I did perhaps an hour per day for about a month. Gcse bitesize website helped me in terms of physics and maths .

Hope that helps
At age 34 does the OP have a realistic chance of getting in as a CT ? I imagine there's quite a queue for not many intakes per year. I'd be interested to know how the new engagement stages impact on entry ages.
Don't quote me on this but I think the initial engagement for all joiners is now 18 years , not 22. So effectively when you rejoin you sign up for 18 years less the time already served. The way to perhaps look at it is the time spent outside could be seen as a career break , with the price to pay for taking that break is to have 4 years taken off the end of your contract,.
As for intakes I believe there is two per annum, with the candidate allocated to the course approx a year prior to entry-
I was due to rejoin march this year, I was informed nearly a year ago of my entry course and CT course date. Time is not on my side and I fear the worst . I would say that's just life in a blue one, ironic that it applies to a me as a civvy.
What I found with the staff at Cardiff AFCO is they are very friendly , open and transparent. If I had no realistic chance of rejoining as a CT at my age then they would have said so. They didn't come across as if they had targets / quotas etc to reach thus trying to get me to change branch. They have been honest and supportive. I doubt they would waste time if there was no prospect of anyone getting in

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