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Not posted here for a while. Went and did my RT yesterday and passed for the branch i want to join. I was in back in 2012 but PVRd during basic training due to my brother losing all of his memory. The question i wanted to ask is - Will they be looking for anything different as im looking to rejoin rather than just enter? Or will the judgement they make on me be identical to as if i was trying for the first time?

Sorry if that doesnt make sense couldnt work out the words to put it in. Hope someone can help, seem to be more nervous this time than i was last time for some reason.



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The interview has changed completely since you last joined. You will quite possibly not even be asked about it. The Competency Based Interview letter explains.

You will be asked about why you want to join however and obviously if your reason for leaving was as you state, you'll need to convince the interviewer that circumstances are such that your dependent brother can cope in your absence and that you understand you can no-longer opt out upon re-joining.
Cheers for the fast response ninja, my brother has accepted he won't get his memory back and has now moved on has a child and family who he lives happily with. I'm aware that now iv PVRd once there's no option to again but I'm looking for a full career out of the navy rather than just a job! In some ways I wish I never left but at the time it felt like what I had to do.

Fingers crossed for the future Ey!

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