Discussion in 'The Corps' started by harryvonstacks, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. Hello all,
    Quick question if u can help.
    I have just been given my rejoin date at CTC. before i went out side i remember the Corps offering lads a cash bonus to rejoin as like a sweetner to get the numbers back up. Now i only left in 2006 and now im rejoining i have heard nothing of such bonus. Not that im that arsed cos i was rejoining what ever but dont want to get seen off. Any one heard of this little bonus ???
  2. Hello mate.

    I'm onboard HMS Albion with lots of marines and will find out for you on Monday.

  3. The bonus was certainly available for ranks rejoining, but the details and qualifying criteria are published in the RM Rolling Brief, sponsered by the Corps Drafting Officer. Best bet will be the UIRO at CTCRM once you're there. He's the holder of the purse strings as far as your rejoining FRI is concerned.
  4. Or perhaps worth a phone call to your friendly local careers office...?
  5. I know what you like to do around Royal Babba!!
    I've seen you when they come down the SCC for their Beer Keys mate ;)

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