I joined Raleigh April 2017 as an AET, however I was DUDT due to academic warnings and not wanting to take any of the branch transfer options I could have, even AET was my third choice job, I am eligible to rejoin at the end of the year and I am wanting to go WS, I’ve been told I won’t have to do Raleigh again unless I join up after 2 years of being out but have also heard the opposite, can someone clarify? And if anyone has been through or knows about this process can you give me an insight as to what it is, cheers in advance


Lantern Swinger
IF your application to rejoin is accepted, you will receive a bespoke letter of offer which will detail exactly what you will have to do. Some have to do Phase 1 again, some don't.

Your rejoining process will be pretty similar to a new joiner.


War Hero
If you were DUDT, I'd be inclined to expect the worst (undertake Raleigh again), but hope for the best.

DUDT means "sacked", so don't fall into the trap of thinking you have much to offer because many employers would not consider re-employing a person dismissed.

Either way, best of luck this time around.


I’m not really that fussed about doing Raleigh again, it’s nothing especially hard it’s just quicker to go straight to phase 2 like a lad on my course did, I never got any NGT warnings or any bollockings for anything and was told due to it not being academic the DUDT wouldn’t be seen as ‘that bad’ obviously it’s far from ideal but I’m More physical than mental and the course showed it