Hi all,

Served for 7 1/2 Years as a Dabber and left just over a year ago and considering rejoining as WE.

I’ve contacted the AFCO and was told i’d have to do the whole recruitment process again, which makes sense.

Does anyone know what the exam required marks I’d need to achieve are? And just from people’s opinions what should I look at revising over?

Also, just in general what the chances are that I would be accepted? I’m still within the age limit, fit and healthy.

Any advice would be appreciated.




Alright Matt, thought I'd jump on here too as I'm going through the process (all be it the very early stages) of rejoing.. I did 4 1/2 years as a CISSM and left roughly 3 years ago. I've replied to rejoin as an ET WE CISSM (try saying that after a few!). I've put my app in to start the ball rolling and the AFCO are pretty helpful in fairness. They did hint that (subject to passing everything) being accepted is quite likely but I assume this is down to current manning for my old branch/boats so I can't comment on how likely your acceptance would be, I would imagine you'd be in with a good chance though?

I've also got to do the whole recruitment process again including the exam but from what I can see it's all as straight forward as it was when I did it in 2009, basic math, english, mechanical comprehension etc, there's a few threads on here already which should help you out, plus the website has some practice questions to look over which is handy.

Any idea if you'll have to go back to Raleigh? My AFCO suggested that I might not need to but only time will tell I suppose.


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No else has said it yet, so I finally can; does it matter what the pass mark is? You're not going to stop doing the test simply because you think you've passed, so you're better off aiming to do as well as you can rather than simply pass.


Alright Pembs,

Cheers for the reply! Yea I contacted my local AFCO a few months back and was told it was likely but all depending if I my request was granted by one of the adults upstairs. I can’t see there being an issue with manning for my old branch so that shouldn’t be a factor, hopefully.

I was told I was most likely not going to have to go back to basic training but, like you, they weren’t 100%.

I’m new to the site so i’ll take a look through the threads.

I probably won’t be starting my process till around March, so keep me up to date with how your process goes please?

WannabeAdmiral, you’re right I won’t stop when I hit the possible pass mark, I just like to know the standard I need to hit.



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I understand from loads of posts on here that you won't be given any target scores, you'll just be told if you pass or fail for your chosen branch.


Of course mate no worries, I'll DM you now and again. Honestly though if you've got any snags or questions fire them straight to your AFCO I don't know how proactive yours is but mine has been fantastic even though they are snowed under with their new computer system! At the top right hand side of this website there's a search function to search through the forums and threads, I've found that pretty helpful too.


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If the pass mark is 45 % and you get 45% then you have passed.
If you get 46% you have pissed it.
56% is 11% wasted effort.

Only joking aim as high as you can!


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For those wishing to rejoin the service, be aware there's about a six to eight week delay after you submit an application and produce your discharge documents before you AFCO can gain written approval to process your application, so vector this in to your projected join date.

For those who went outside less than five years ago, rejoining their source branch, there's seldom an issue if we have a manning shortfall.

For those wishing to rejoin in a different branch, ie: part trained re-entrant, the odds are you'll have to also wait for a phase two training place, so could wait as long as a first time joiner...or you could get a pierhead jump with minimal notice if someone opts out or fails phase one training in you chosen branch.


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good luck hindsight says you should have stayed and branch changed, bur you probably needed to leave to find out civy street can be boring & crap