I've had a look on the forum but can't find exactly what I'm looking for.
I left the Navy back in early October, purely to change branch, I tried to change whilst still in but couldn't (even though everyone else I knew who wanted to change got their transfer)

I was 4 weeks out of Raleigh as a Sea Spec starting phase 2 but wanted to change to AET as Sea Spec wasn't for me and I wanted a better trade. I've been waiting a couple of months for my approval to process to come back but still had nothing, so I was wondering if anyone knows how long this can actually take?
And also, once I have a date, what the process is for someone rejoining having completed Raleigh recently?



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When you sign-on, you sign to say you are happy with your branch of preference & understand you cannot transfer until you complete your SITP and 30 months return of Service.

Those who decide they want to change branches also have to meet the entry criteria for that branch (medical, aptitude, academic, age & recruit test score). The alternative is to leave the service and apply afresh.

Very often those submitting notice to quit within the first six months will have a time-caveat precluding re-entry for anything between 6 months & 36 months, depending on circumstances & training records. Sometimes there is no time-caveat.

As a part-trained re-entrant who quit before completing training it is possible the new branch manager may want the individual to undergo Raleigh again as a condition of re-entry. Not always, but sometimes.

Those who have previously quit within the first six months will no longer have an early release option upon entry and all re-entrants must complete the new branch SITP & 30 months Return of Service before they can submit 12 months notice to quit.

Those opting for a more technical branch second time around, will need to resit the recruit test if they underscored last time. They will also need another interview for a change of branch, another medical, PJFT & PRNC will be required if 12 months elapse from the last time they were taken and the new projected entry date. Security Clearance will also need to be renewed after a thirty day break in service.

Generally it takes about 4 weeks to retrieve the former service med docs from archive and a further 6-8 weeks to find out if your application can be processed for re-entry. After that, you complete selection then join the back of the queue for the new branch.

Good luck.
Thanks for the reply Ninja.

My aptitude score is high enough for the branch, luckily I didn't have to wait anytime at all to reapply.
PJFT and PRNC is in date and I understand I won't be able to submit an early release, I don't plan on it anyway.
Hopefully hear back soon and can keep the process moving forward.
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