Rejoining the Royal Navy

Hello all - first post on here.

I used to be in the Royal Navy many years ago '97 to be exact and was discharged after just over two years (honorable).

I basically told a lie to get out as I was being bullied, it was a long time ago and I was very young and wet behind the ears.

I am now 33 and I am thinking of re-enlisting - thinking back on it it was one of the best times of my life and I regret it nearly every day.

My questions are as follows is someone can help with them.

Aslong as my request to re-enlist is accepted how long does it take?

Would I need to do my basic training again (I don't mind I enjoyed it).

Thanks in advance


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If you were discharged on medical/psychiatric grounds and/or received financial renumeration for a fraudulent claim, then it would have to be paid back. If you were simply administratively discharged without compensatory, medical or disciplinary issues, then you would be judged in relation to all other similar applicants with regard suitability for future service.

Timescales vary, but essentially you should anticipate an extra 3 months processing time over & above a first time joiner. Full details regarding the rejoining process here.

If you were accepted you would indeed expect to join on the New Entry rate of pay & undergo all training from the outset.

Best of luck.


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mandinga1975 said:
Hello all - first post on here.

I used to be in the Royal Navy many years ago '97 to be exact

You were in the Royal Navy 97 years ago!!!!
I think it may have changed a bit since your time, But I am sure that the PC brigade will have made sure that there are plenty of ramps on the new ships so you can get about in your wheelchair.