Rejoining the RNR (ex reserve)

I was a NE earlier in the year but unfortunatley I could not continue with my training due to my job which rerquires me to work every single weekend. They knew that I was joining and was led to believe they'd be supportive but inevitably they weren't. Consequently I couldn't go on weekends and felt that I couldn't stay.

My situation is soon to change and I would like to rejoin as I was gutted I had to back out and really would like to go back finish what I started. I reapplied online back at the beginning of September but I'm still waiting to have my application restarted by someone in Portsmouth due to having 'previous service'. I have been told that this wouldn't be a problem and will get up and running again it due course but its taking ages!

I spoken to AFCO three times, as recently as this week (through me initiating the calls on each occaision, otherwise I'd still be sitting here wondering what was going on) and am just asked to be patient, which I have been up till now.

Does anyone have any clue as to how long it can take to get applications like this going again, or has anyone had any experiences of this before? I'd be interested to hear.

If people could keep responses civil please (which I'm sure most folk will), I've posted questions on here before and people have just seen it as an opportunity to be [email protected]!


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Generally approval to process from Captain Naval Recruiting takes between four to six weeks after your former service medical records have been retrieved.

Don't know why it takes this long, but unfortunately it's something your AFCO cannot influence.

Good luck.
Each unit now has a Warrant Officer or CPO dedicated to managing the "recruiting pipeline". I'd recommend that you give the unit a call and ask to speak to the UWO or WSC and get them onside, they can then fight your battles.

Good luck

As an aside, is it King Alfred you wish to re-join?
Yeah I can but not able to until application is restarted by CNR, which is what I've been told. I would like to attend training on Wednesdays but just need to sit tight for now.
I know who the WSC is I've been in touch via email. Think I'll drop him a message and let him know where things are at right now.

Also it isn't King Alfred I'm looking to rejoin.
Unfortunately you are a little stuck. Ex-forces reserve or regular, army, navy, air force all have a longer wait than newbies because you have a history they need to check. Patience can be a little difficult to find but try to remember they have lots of applications from ex-forces and they have to check each one individually. If their service was a long time ago they will have to check different systems which prolong the process even longer.
Yeah your right there's bugger all I can do except hang in there and keep telling myself that I'll get there in the end. It's frustrating that I couldn't have just carried on with training originally.

It's been 6 weeks since my records were sent off so it can't be much longer you's think
Ensure the UWO or WSC at the unit you wish to re-join knows about you, they have 'sight' of the AFCO process.
It may in part be dependant on the full circumstances of you leaving - did you jump or were you pushed? How long had you been in for before you left? etc.
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