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This topic has been covered numerous times but they seem to be quite old threads so want a fresh and up-to-date perspective. I left the RN in February (all of ten weeks ago) as a Chief Wafu having done 14 years. Even though I have managed to get a great civvy job with good career prospects, I realise I've made a horrible mistake leaving and want to rejoin. All my recent reports recommend me for further service, I've got a clean service record and as an engineer, I know that there is a desperate shortage, but I'm still concerned that I won't be let back in. I had a serious head injury last year whilst away on AT, and while I've made a full recovery and had medical sign off, I'm concerned they will turn me down because of it. Also concerned that they will judge me as unreliable, after only being out for a short period of time, but already wanting to rejoin. Have spoke to the AFCO and they want my discharge paperwork, but I haven't got any apart from last SJAR and Valedictory Letter. Was I supposed to get a discharge certificate (or whatever it is officially called) through the post?


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Assuming you submitted notice to quit & were discharged P2, fully fit, you should've been issued a discharge certificate from your discharging unit. It's an A5 chit, easily missed amongst the bits of paper.

If it was not issued, call your discharging unit and request it is sent to you. If it was issued, but lost, you'll need to submit a completed subject access request:

If you were discharged in a reduced medical category or via MBOS, then you probably won't have a discharge certificate but you will have a letter off the MBOS which needs to be produced.

My guess is you may have issues with a serious head injury, so I'd advise you to contact the RN medical manager by email to sound out whether you are likely to be accepted back in, I'll pm his email address later today.

If you are medically unfit to re-enter but discharged P2, it is worth looking into the armed forces compensation scheme.

Either way, best of luck.


Thanks for your reply Ninja, much appreciated. I'll have to ring my discharge unit as having gone through the paperwork I have neither a discharge certificate or an MBOS certificate as I never had an MBOS. Was discharged from Headley Court over a year ago, have had no medical issues since and am on no medication so hopefully this can get resolved. I'll definitely be emailing the RN Medical manager. Thanks again.

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