I'm interested to hear from anyone who has rejoined the Corps recently after time outside and how they have found the transition going back in. I find i regularly look back fondly of my time and have contemplated rejoining on several occasions, especially with the current operational tempo. I'm not sure if I’m just looking back blinded with nostalgia or do the same drips remain?


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I always remember when a friend of mine rejoined. It was '86. I was a sprog in Bravo coy at the time and Mr Re-join walked into the Accom (old spider huts at 40) he was carrying his brand new issued pussers suitcase with "Mne re-join PO 45...x" proudly stencilled on the side, I was a PO44....B, the "old sweats" of B coy in my grot where an ancient PO 43.... ,

They looked down their noses at this new sprog. The "old sweats" even mocked him, questioned his mixed parentage, Mr re-join said fcuk all.

He openned his brand spankers new pussers suitcase, got his corps boxing champion photos out and put them on the inside of his locker, he then put his Falklands, UN and NI medal next to them.

Then turned around and addressed us sprogs and said "fancy a beer fellas? Oiy, numpties look after my kit"

Needless to he was a great guy, last seen as a PTI to people in Poole.

Go for it mate.
Im always thinking about rejoining the corps mate especially when u see the lads on the telly kicking anus in afghan. you always remember the hoofing times but u have to pull the wanky times to the front of ur minds also. On a final note mate are u weatherley from 740 troop?? its intresting mate cos we may have passed out together.
The weatherley i remember was about 17 at the time we joined commach together as sprogs and he always had some stinky gunk pouring out of his bell end the dirty basterd!
Luke, I knew Commachio were a friendly bunch, but inspecting your oppos bell end may have been taking things a bit far, still thats what living in Portacabins does for you I suppose.

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