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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Fordos, Jun 15, 2008.

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  1. I was in the RNR as an NE around about 5 years ago, but had to leave due to being in a job where I was working away in the week so couldn't attend the evening training.

    My situation has now changed, could I rejoin? Also, what is involved with training for AWFP?

  2. I dont see any reason why you couldn't join again, standing by to be corrected though.

    AWFP requires the obvious 2 weeks basic at Raleigh plus -

    3 days OG518 basic weapons handling course.
    5 days OG547 Ships Protection Operations course
    5 days Basic Sea Survival
    4 days 1st Aid level 2.

    Other course include GPMG aimers course and RIB coxn's course but as i understand it these are like rocking horse sh*t.

    Welcome back BTW. :thumright:
  3. Thanks mate, I am really interested in joining again, feels like I need to finish something I didn't finish last time!!

    I was really gutted when I couldn't carry on before.

    What sort of tours are around at the mo?
  4. After about three years until you are up to trained strength unless you are a really switched on cookie you might get to go somewhere warm and sandy. You cannot pick and choose which "tours" might suit you :rambo:
  5. Beg to differ bikerman. With Intelligent mobilisation thats pretty much exactly what you do.

    If you like the sound of a deployment then you get your name down, if you dont, then you wait for one that tickles your fancy.

    Welcome Fordos.

    ORT seems to be a little limited for AWFP at the moment. I've done the relevant courses and am on the look out for some on the job training but at the moment i'm struggling.

    You'll be alright for the first couple of years at least and by then there should be some better stuff in place - or at least i hope so. Rumour (there's that bloody word again!!!!) has it that Cyprus is on for next year after the MASSIVE faux pas this year.
  6. Can anybody give me a heads up on fitness i.e. what levels required.

  7. The Royal Navy pre-joining Fitness test. 1.5 mile/2.4km run.

    Age Male-PJFT Female-PJFT
    15 – 24 12 min 20 secs 14 min 35 secs
    25 – 29 12 min 48 secs 15 min 13 secs
    30 – 34 13 min 18 secs 15 min 55 secs
    35 – 39 13 min 49 secs 16 min 40 secs

    And i believe when you get to raleigh you have to knock 1minute off your time.

    Train hard - Pass easy! The last thing you need at Raleigh is Dog watch sports!
  8. Phew had to second glance those times. They are pre joining times, once in, as Trehorn says, you will have to meet the RNFT times which are shorter. Additioanlly you'll have to continually meet the RNFT times througout your career.
  9. Unlike the fat b*stard who failed it twice on lusty last night :thumright:
  10. I hate the bleep test!! Give me a 2.4k run anytime!! I so want to be 30 so I get a little more chance at the bleep test!!
  11. Much prefer the 2.4k too.

    I'll tell you something for nothing. I'm really disapointed with the lack of self motivation that we seem to be seeing more of in the new entries coming through.

    They don't seem to be interested in getting themselves fit. A group of us arrive at the unit a good hour before muster to do a few laps and none of the NE's bother to attend to get themselves fit - some of em really need it. Really good people who will do well in the RNR it its no good if they can't pass the PJFT to get in in the first place.

    If you want to be part of our happy little clan then you have to work for it! I think you'll find its worth it.
  12. Be careful - seems to be the opposite way in our unit. Different ships, different tally's :)
  13. Not all - but enough to warrant a mention. There are some who are fit enough when they arrive and don't need any coaching.

    Its just that they attend the unit regularly and get themselves firmly planted in the workings of the SC and then throw it all away when the opportunity to train and pass is right there with the right application.

    Its just disapointing to see good people get turfed out for want of a little effort.
  14. The RNFT is a bare minimum standard - if you are going to be deployed somewhere you will want to be doing a lot better than that.

    Why not put up an RNFT ladder with everyone's times starting from lowest to highest for everyone to see? People will start getting competitive.

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