Rejoining RN with a P8 Medcat

Hi all,

I was discharged after a P8 Medcat for ahstma, back in 2005. When I left, I continued to have some treatment with my GP, but in his opinion, it was due to smoking. Now, I packed in smoking when I realised I was having chest problems in the RN. Since doing this I have not needed an inhaler for just under 6 years. My GP is happy to confirm that this was not ahstma.

I have been desperate to join the RN again for years, and after checking my medical discharge paper work, I misread my discharge medcat as P7RD, when infact it was P8. So... If I have a P8 category, is this an instant no-no even if I have a written letter of confirmation off my GP?

My fitness is at a good level and have no health problems at all.

I have an appointment with the careers office in a couple of weeks (as I thought I was P7RD not P88) - Am I best of cancelling this if it's going to be a complete waste of time? I wrote a letter to my local AFCO and they invited me over to take my discharge papers in etc. but I don't want to waste everyone's time if it's going to be an instant no.

Hope someone can help!

Thanks everyone...
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Depends on the wording of your NSMBOS paperwork. It usually has a comment about further Naval Service. Technically P8 means permanently unfit Naval Service but you wouldn't be the first to get back in! Bear in mind the long waiting time at the minute. My advice is to keep the AFCO appointment.
Thanks for your advice, it does say P8 - Unfit for further Naval service. I will go ahead and let you all know the outcome! Fingers crossed! Hopefully the letter off my GP will help my case.

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