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Rejoining RFA

RFA P*ss

Ex RFA. Was in for 8 years, out for the last five. Decided to rejoin. Good and bad, I’ve definitely missed it, and most importantly the people.
Contract signed. Starting Collingwood March. Induction week, then BSSC and I’ll be ready to rejoin the fleet. I must say I found the whole process much less stressful this time around. Even though I still had to redo all my jabs, ENG, clearance ect, it’s all gone smoothly. Credit to the staff at HQ, they have been fantastic. Excited to be coming back.
Thank. I’m rejoining as a Qualified Steward. I’m guessing as I only have to do the first week induction they could be adding me to a group of Comms.
It wouldn’t surprise me 😀 I once was joining a ship in Plymouth only turn up on the Friday with no ship to be found. Too late to contact anyone I quickly found a hotel so I could try again the next day. Turned out the ship was in Striven 😂 It’s just one of the things I love about the RFA
For the newbies out there: Never believe the appointer (they are last to know about schedule changes) about your Joining port, always contact the ship a day or two before to find out where it is 🙂

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