Rejoining after Hms Raleigh PVR


Long story short I left Raleigh early 2018 and after sorting my shit out I’ve been given the go ahead by commander T to rejoin from October onwards so I’ve started the process again and I’m just wondering, depending on if I’m successful or not, will I be treated any differently compared to anyone else e.g. get more hassle off some staff? And I’m wondering if it’s worked out for anyone else who left then rejoined later on and they had a proper career out of it and did well in phase 2? Thanks


No you won't get any more hassle from the staff. If anything they will be looking at you with your previous knowledge to help guide others.

Yep I know a few people who have re-joined and since passed out. It's been absolutely fine for them.
You aren’t the first and you won’t be the last to rejoin after having left during Phase One training. Be aware though that you will not have a PVR option on rejoining so will therefore be required to serve the minimum time for the branch you join before submitting twelve months notice if you wish to leave.

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