Rejoining after DUDT

The long and short of it is that I was discharged during week 6 of Raleigh (DUDT) when I was 17. At the time I was definitely unsuitable for it (bit of a know it all typical teenage bellend) but as the years have gone by (am 22 now) I've been wanting to rejoin. What challenges will I face? I know that I will be bottom of the pile but is there anyone else on here who's rejoined after a bad time?


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Nothing stopping you applying to rejoin, but there's no guarantee either way.

Most who are Discharged Unsuitable During Training are given a series of warnings prior to discharge, unless the "crime" is so heinous, they are DUDT'd straight away. The issue is under what circumstances the individual was discharged - some get discharged for simply failing to pass a couple of kit musters or failing the RN Fitness Test and it's quite possible they may have been recommended for further consideration at a later date several years later. Others get DUDT'd for disciplinary issues and are less likely to be recommended for further service.

Ultimately, the way to look at it, is if you were an employer that had to dismiss or sack someone following a series of warnings - would you be prepared to risk taking them on again or would you offer the job to someone else?

Either way, if you don't apply, you'll never find out.

Best of luck.
I was discharged from the Royal Navy as DUDT-contributory in July 2016 in the aircrewmans branch. This was due to a number of warnings given to me but my downfall was to do with personal issues and not flagging them up. Apart from this, PNAAB offered me a number of different roles within the Engineering branch but I decided to come out of the navy. The CO of the base and CFI however, said I could definitely achieve great things in the RN but within a different branch.

I have therefore reapplied for HM but I submitted my application to CNR in Sep 2016 and haven't heard anything since even though AFCO said it could take up to 3 months but it is obviously longer.

Just wondering what I should do.. Any tips!?


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Generally speaking those Discharged Unsuitable During Training are sent a letter upon discharge. The letter will usually detail whether and after how long the individual may re-apply to join the Naval Service.

DUDT effectively means: Sacked. (As already stated). Assuming your contact details have remained unchanged, you should be due a reply anytime now. This is in the presumption you submitted an online application in September, produced your discharge documentation and signed a letter allowing the AFCO to first retrieve your medical records, then apply for Approval to Process.

WS(HM) is, I think, about an 18 month wait to join at present, so I'd be disinclined not to flap too much just yet. Be aware also, after a DUDT, if the Branch Manager accepts your application, there's often a caveat of a year or two from discharge to permitting a re-entrant to join. Furthermore, it is entirely possible the Branch Manager may simply say "no" or "yes, but phase one training must be repeated".

It would probably do no harm to give your AFCO a call to confirm they have your current contact details if they have changed and likewise to enquire whether they have heard anything yet.

Incidentally, when you say you submitted an application to CNR, do you mean you wrote CNR a letter personally or you applied online and your AFCO requested Approval to Process?

Good luck.
I was discharged under DUDT but I had the Option at PNAAB to transfer to another branch and the ones that were available were ME,WE, SUBMARINER or AET. I elected not to go down that route so therefore I had to come out of the RN and reapply through AFCO.

I have given all documentation to AFCO, re-applied online and have got in contact to see if they have heard anything but no answer thus far and yes I mean I have submitted it through AFCO who have forwarded my application on to CNR.

I am aware that HM is quite a long wait but hopefully I will hear a response from the branch manager soon.

Are there any other branches with quite a short waiting period at the minute? For example; Mine Warfare Specialist?


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Technically therefore, it would've been a three strikes and out training fail presumably. Failed AETs usually get offered WESM or MESM too, but not General Service WE or ME.

If you managed to pass ACMN selection, but not training, I'd advise you look toward a technical role which is an intellectual challenge and if there's still a smouldering interest in aviation, the top of the shop on offer would probably be AET with about a six month wait to entry. If the AET Branch Manager states you can go straight into phase two, then a short notice training place could quite feasibly pop up.

WS and WS(MW) are also both under a six month wait I think, but would need to check. Neither of these branches award technical qualifications which subsequently means less transferable skills and an increased likelihood you will not be sufficiently challenged making it increasingly likely you'll leave a second time in the short term.

I'd caution against opting for a branch based on the shorter wait to join as it usually ends in tears. Either way, your AFCO will certainly be seeking assurance that the personal issues attributed to discharge previously are now fully resolved and not likely to affect re-entry. The fact the service offered a transfer to technical roles whilst serving bodes relatively well but why they insisted on discharge and a fresh application for non-shortage branches also tells a tale.
Thank you very much for the feedback and correct I passed all ACMN selection including flying aptitude tests, medicals, all courses in between such as BSSC, CBRNDC etc... including intellectual part having achieved over 90% on exams at ground school but failed to do well in the air.

So when you say "technical role with an intellectual challenge". Which roles would you possibly go for then? HM possibly or anything else??


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Thank you very much for the feedback and correct I passed all ACMN selection including flying aptitude tests, medicals, all courses in between such as BSSC, CBRNDC etc... including intellectual part having achieved over 90% on exams at ground school but failed to do well in the air.

So when you say "technical role with an intellectual challenge". Which roles would you possibly go for then? HM possibly or anything else??
Depends where you interests lie, but although HM has transferable skills, AET could lead to a service funded BSc whilst earning a wage...if you are prepared to put the work in.

The psychometric test assesses the intellectual potential of the individual, my advice would be to stretch yourself so that the job stimulates you and engages you. I guess it's all about perception and personal preferences, HM is probably a more transferable role than MW when it comes to civilian employment.
Well AET doesn't really interest me that much! Hence why I turned the role down when I got offered it at PNAAB!
HM was actually my first preference before the ACMN role became available believe it or not.

Yes I understand what you're saying with HM. Therefore with the 18 month waiting list, that would mean I would have to do phase 1 again am I correct.

Also, how does the phase 2 pan out nowadays for HM and MW? How long are the courses?


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The choice of job is entirely yours. As a careers adviser, I'd expect you to do the research and tell me how long the training is to gauge your motivation.

The snag with being a careers adviser is that many seem to believe we get paid more to fill shortage category roles or that there is an ulterior motive beyond recruiting to retain. If you are content with the suggestions put forward by friends and family and believe that's the way to go, then crack on in that direction. My job is merely to try and give you a pointer of opportunities available and the relative merits.

Odds are an AET would know more about their own role than any other, likewise a WS and vice versa regarding each other's role.

Have a search of the forums about each to get a cross section of opinion beyond just mine.
Well I do know all about the training processes for each but I wanted to get across if they have changed in the last few months at all.

I do understand that and as I pointed out before I am very grateful for the feedback, It is a difficult and annoying position I am in at the minute I am afraid but obviously I want to choose a role that would not only suit my interest but suit what I am good at and can bring skills to that branch as a whole and I think HM would be a good option.

I suppose I will have to do Raleigh again which ever way you look at it, am I correct??


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It's not always the case but if repeating Raleigh is a deal-breaker, then maybe you made the right choice in leaving.

The only thing you need to seriously consider is whether your familiarity with the classroom theory of ASW has made you think sitting in a darkened ops room as an AB, working part of ship, keeping watches at sea, living on board, keeping gangway watches etc, is similar to being a Leading Hand as an ASW aircrewman on flying pay has influenced your career choice.

If it has, you need a bloody big wake-up call.
Well that's not the case what so ever. As I said before, I originally applied for HM but I chose to go down the ACMN route not for the extra pay at all. It was due to relishing a good time within the airborne environment, broadening my horizons and seeing more of the world.

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