So I’ve joined and left the navy 3 times now .. first time I was only 17 and wasn’t the right career for me, 2nd time I left in 2013 to pursue a career in the police and the 3rd time I left in September 2017 because I was unable to branch change,

I’ve just re applied for a fourth time and was wondering what the chances was for being given permission to process...

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The 3 year period of service is unusual inasmuch as the period served indicates the minimum return of service was incomplete after completing training unless rejoining in source branch at OPS.

If each discharge category was standard discharge as of right and recommended further service (ie, not a disciplinary, medical or TU discharge) then the odds are re-entry is a viable option if all other eligibility criteria is met & the individual is assessed suitable at interview.
Yeh I was OPS already when I re entered the service the third time , I didn’t do phase 1 just phase 2 again because I was entering a different branch , I’d already completed return of service previously to that.

Yeh all three times were just notice , never discharged through medical or disciple reasons.

Just waiting on my med docs to be released so they can get permission to process again, but I doubt I’ll hear anything now until after the new year

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