Rejoin after 10 years at 33

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ruby82, Feb 13, 2016.

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  1. I'm currently in the thought process of rejoining the RN after leaving in April 2006 as a Killick. I've been trying to find out further information about the recruitment process from the live webchats and the recruitment number without success. I'm scheduled in for a callback from an AFCO; I'm sure after being out for almost 10 years I would be required to complete the full recruitment process but can anyone confirm this? Also I have my Discharge Certificate and a copy of my Naval records, would this speed up the process any?
  2. It all depends. I was outside for 7 years, as I rejoined back in the same branch (be it different title) I didn't have to sit the RT. I did PJFT, Medical, and interview. Waited for permission to proceed from Captain R etc. It took about 3 months from start to going back through Raleigh gates. I didn't have to do part 1 or 2 again. I just did the rejoining couple of days at Raleigh before going extenders. I did a refresher course before rejoining a ship after being QM at Horsea Island for a few months. That was 6 years ago when I rejoined.

    I kept all of my old paperwork as it does help.

    Good luck if you decide to rejoin

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  3. Thanks Tommo. It certainly would help my decision if that was the case for me. I left in 2006 when the Comms branch was getting a reshuffle and am now looking at ET WE as I'm looking at getting quals and making it a career rather than a piss I say, I have all my docs and have been doing Maritime Security for the last 2 and a half years so have valid certificates for STCW and medical etc if that's any help
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Things do evolve and once an application is submitted online, those with former service will be invited to produce their service and discharge documents. The onus is on the individual to produce the documents so it certainly speeds things up - nothing will happen without.

    After the AFCO retrieve the former service medical records, permission to process is sought - this can take a couple of months. Nowadays, those outside over 5 years should expect to undergo some or all their branch training again, maybe even Raleigh, depending on the branch manager & post-service relevant work record. Seniority and rate awarded, depends on the break in service.

    If full phase two training is required, entrants will join the queue with all other first-time entrants. Sometimes they maybe lucky if a place pops up when a phase one trainee goes pvr, but no guarantee.

    Rejoiners not joining their source branch will most likely join on the new entry rate of pay. The contract will be outlined in the approval to process letter but for killicks upward, will probably be a 20 year contract, minus those years already served.

    Good luck.
  5. Thanks Ninja Stoker, I suppose the only way to find out is to bite the bullet and go for it. I am fully expecting to just start over as a new entrant so anything else would be a bonus. I just wanted to know if anybody had any 'inside' information due to the current situation with large gapped billets. Appreciate the replies guys.
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  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The thing to remember is if you apply and are fully processed - you still have the option not to join. If you undergo retraining, there will inevitably be a return of service (usually 30 months).
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  7. ET WE or ET WECIS?

    things are pretty different compared to 2006
  8. On looking at the website I can only see ET WE, CIS and CT - haven't seen ET WE CIS unless this is something new. I understand it's completely different from 2006 as when I was leaving it was changing from OM Comms to CIS and Seaman Spec. I'm resigned to the fact that should I go ahead and rejoin I'd be completing the recruitment process from scratch. I was selected and offered Articifer whilst serving before my killick course but was drafted to Gib and had my joining details etc but was cancelled last minute - part of the reason I left - too stubborn.
  9. Ruby good look, if you have to do full re-entry make sure you are rejoining for all the right reasons, what ever they may be? Leave your stubborn streak in Civy street, until you are at least back in the fleet.
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  10. Tommo did round 2 seem better that round one? if so what had changed, in the Mob or in yourself, answer if it exists could help the poster? you never know?
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  11. I know what you mean. I have a young family so it would be for them really. Again it's an option at the moment while I still have the option for a few years. It was something I enjoyed and have carried the qualities into civvy street. Not sure if I'm being nostalgic but while I'm still eligible it's worth a look
  12. It's a very tough question to answer, lots had change since I left and rejoined. Somethings good somethings not so good. JPA came in and we all know how that's gone.

    Mess life is different even more so on 45's compared to the 42's/22's I served on. My opinion on it could be different to some body elses so making own mind up on that is something rejoiners will have to do.

    Promotion is far quicker now than before if you want it. It's a good thing for those who want it, but the experience at various ranks in my opinion is not as good as it was. However I can't blame the person flying up from AB2 for not wanting to hang around especially as the new pension scheme is no longer final salary based. Longer you are in a higher rank the more your pension will be so the sooner you get there the better.

    We all know there are very few "jollies" compared to when I was first in and we spend far more time at sea (branch dependant of course), it is what it is.

    There is new things that have come in such as FHTB scheme to help serviceman buy a house, defence discounts etc that we never used to have.

    Obviously the lunchtime drinking and the drinking culture at sea has changed a lot again it will be personal opinion on that matter.

    We've gone around in full circle with branches back to basically source branches just under different titles and training especially in the Warfare branch is heading back to the way it used to be laid out when it was at Dryad (that is a good thing in my opinion).

    I could go on but basically things have changed as has society and technology we adapt , improvise and over come. Some stuff is good, some not so. Do I regret rejoining? Not really no, I've given my little family a better way of life than what I would've if I was still scrimping as a civi. Yes things annoy me in the mob, but I just get on and with not a lot left until time done I'm happy to see things through still.

    Do I wish we still had all the good jollies, good pension etc etc of course, we don't so just have to get on with it.
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  13. A good reply there Tommy. Appreciate all the feedback. I'm under no illusion it's changed but ultimately there is the same core values, banter and bullshit. I also not wanting to give the impression that I'm owed anything as I've already served. I'm just curious as to whether there would be any difference in the joining process, in every role I've had from the 1st time I joined I have started from the bottom and worked my way up so this would be no different. I would be joining and serving for completely different reasons, as stated, for security for my family.
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  14. it is now ET(WE)(CIS) and the course is very different. you will have to do that no doubt. or at the very least, the WE part of the training. and it is a fairly long stint at c'wood

    you get loads of cool qualifications though, as you progress
    also, in the WE and WE CIS world, you have the Fast Track Scheme should be lucky enough

    as for the joining process, I have known plenty over the years that have done what you want to (not sure on the actual gap between leaving and joining back up) and none of them have had to re-do basic training. Do not take that as gospel for yourself, mind
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  15. Well that's my application in. I guess it's now just a waiting game to see what happens and get some clarification. Appreciate all the feedback and replies
  16. Good luck
  17. Good luck Ruby. You must be mad :)
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  18. Maybe it's a mid-life crisis. I've had the motorbike and fast cars, been out on the Maritime Security circuit and now just looking back at when I was in and how different it was to making it work on civvy street. My application is in and I'm off to the careers office tomorrow for them to copy all my service docs and then it's a case of waiting to see what happens and what the recruitment process is. Maybe I am mad haha
  19. Just a quick update for anyone interested. Been down to the careers office today to hand in my documentation and to apply for my ATP and signed for my medical docs to be released. The AFCO has advised it's currently taking around 3 months for re - entrants to get the ATP. Just in case anybody else was considering it
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  20. I was out in Gib working at the commcen 2001-2003, left went on killicks course and was offered a spot back out there after HMS Brecon decommissioned and that was late 2005/2006 and my draft was cancelled as well, think they quickly decided to wind the commcen down so a lot of people had their draft binned

    Best draft I've had being honest

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