Rejection from Army.. same with RN?


I've recently been rejected by the army twice due to back pain from 2013.

It said something along the lines of '12 weeks or more of back pain results in rejection'

I've had time to reconsider my options and i'm thinking about the royal navy reserves. I can't find any medical eligibility for back pain with the navy.

Does anyone know if I stand a chance with this?
Will I be rejected due to very minor back pain from 4 years ago?


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Not sure have you applied to the RN or tried the RFA, contact your local AFCO and ask, nothing to loose as you are already a civy.


I had to hairline fractures in my lower back and got rejected on my medical but I appealed and I now have my hms raleigh date in three weeks mate ask ya AFCO

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The medical standards for entry are broadly similar as the same standards apply in JSP950 in this particular area. In other aspects, single service policies exist but chronic (long term or recurrent back pain) is viewed pretty much the same for all three services. Nothing stopping an application in the hope the person making the decision is more liberal with the application of the rules, but a reject for one service often means the same across the board, sadly.

Best of luck.

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