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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Jun 3, 2009.

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  1. This is great gripping stuff.
    What page does the shaggin start? 8O :D
  2. Any Pictures? Back of the bollocks shots, cream pies etc?
  3. Ah........a connoisseur, good suggestion,but may I also suggest that 10 or 12 inches of black ramrod inserted into a shite locker is also very photogenic. :twisted: :D
  4. Billy, I find it somewhat disturbing that you are actually looking at sites like this 8O , although having said that I recall some submariners whos' kit owed more to Victorias Secret than to slops.
  5. The author of said novel just might be having a laugh. If you can imagine
    tracing the male heroes blood-line back to the days of slavery....and he
    had some Great-Great-Great Grand Daddy who had been given the same
    name, and that person worked in the cotton fields, and he was the most
    useless cotton picker in the slave gang - the white overseer might have
    "You boy! - you're a waste of space! Can't even pick cotton properly.....
    what are you boy eh???"

    (To which the slave would reply):


    (Now you go in the back garden and SHOUT that last line out loud)

  6. There's more shaggin in a M&B nowerdays than an AFO :lol:
    So no supprise that a matelot found out and got into em. :D

    Billy nice to see the Fanny detection systems are all functioning correctly. :wink:
  7. Contact this Company in Hull. Ask them if they've got any good ones.
    That should confuse the shite out of them. If they only knew...........

    AFOS Ltd
    Kingston House. Saxon Way
    Priory Park West. Hessle
    HU13 9PB (Road Map)

    Tel: 01482 372 100
    Fax: 01482 372 150
  8. I think I once posted on RR that thereason I left the andrew as a three badge killick was that I was easily led into shite.
    Billy, now your doing it again, and I probabely will phone. 8O :D
  9. That makes two Three Badge Leaders of men then. The promotion
    ladder was at the end of the tunnel, but I was usually too wellied
    to get to the end of that tunnel and always fell off the ladder when I
    occasionally got there.

    If this author completed the first "draft" of this best-seller, using
    Microsoft Word 2003, the application probably helped her with the
    sex scenes. Dirty Word! Naughty Word!

    Exerpt from a list of calls to a North Carolina Police Department:

    • On Oct. 29, Angela Robinson, 35, reported two teenagers, ages 17 and 18, took property from her vehicle.

    • On Oct. 29, officers questioned two teens, ages 16 and 17, at an unspecified location about carrying a schedule II controlled substance.

    • On Oct. 29, Navonia Dixon, 75, reported someone threw a brick through one of her windows and stole a TV.

    • On Oct. 29, Tracy Bennett, 39, reported a 19-year-old male kicked her back doors in.
  10. I sees it now Massa! Ise been a dumb nigger fo sho! :oops:

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