Rejected because of high BMI

I applied last week to join the RNR.
I heard back from the recruitment office today that I am being rejected because my BMI is too high.
I am absolutely gutted! I am still booked in to do my test in December which I’m looking forward to.
I just need to lose a fair bit of weight in the next few months.
It’s a shame as I am relatively fit and enjoying running/ rugby etc.
Yeah that’s the plan! I have been doing a lot of running lately and eating more healthy.
The ‘rejection’ on the phone today has really given me motivation to improve and finally join the RNR!


War Hero
Good effort.

Whilst the bmi scale is not without flaws, it is the standard applied. It is heartening to see this particular aspect increases the determination to join rather than gives rise to creating a thread to drip about it.

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