Maxi_77 said:
jossman said:
Maxi, you are not such an old salt as you think you are, boats or no boats. Even submarines had to submit punishment returns and some were pretty bad. I detect a touch of the lower deck lawyer within your posts and with a distinct lack of knowledge regarding matters Regulating. Did you fail the L/Reg acquaint course??

Of course submarines had to submit punishment returns, even typed the odd on myself. Yes we had bad days, I was responsible for having a PO disrated for absent from place of duty, and even boats that went through bad times. Yes my knowledge of things regulating is not that deep, mainly as I did not have that much need for it. If I appear to have the air of a lower deck lawyer, it must be the result of all the discussions in the wardroom with my brother officers on the best ways of dealing with the situations we experienced.


You now declare yourself an Officer, then of all people you should know the necessity of the Regulating Branch. Your tongue in cheek posts are rather shallow and best saved for the wardroom. I will now retire from a site that reflects the sad state of the Royal Navy today.

You're always welcome to wander the various G****s fora on this site to chat about old times. Perhaps you need to recruit more RBA members to put the case for Regulators? It's always worth fighting on against that relentless wall of opinion - in time there is the possibility of creating a chink and getting through. :wink:

Are you interested in jurisprudence, out of interest, or is that too abstract? :)