Hello guys and gals. Do any of oyu know how hard it is to become a regulator, after you've been in the Navy for the 3 years and decide that you want to become one? Any helpful advice will be appreciated.


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You need to be able to read OR write, the ability to do both will disqualify you.

If you can walk and talk at the same time without falling over this could also be a barrier.

The author John Winton describes the Branch as being the last refuge for the inane and illiterate.

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Future_ET can you not tell by the remarks? Lol. From what I know, it's the equivelent to the Naval Police. Like Royal Military Police but in the Navy.

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Being a regulator is like being a PTI, you just have to be a complete f*ck up in your source branch and you have got it made.... :wink:
Arcadain said:
Oh right, is it a feckers job then? Chef who burns beans, or the clerk who can't read?
They are wannabe cops but worse, I know a copper who had some regs on a course and all the cops did was take the piss out of them for a week.
Imagine being a copper but having to live with the people you shat on and rat out. It's a "special" job for "special" people..
Whats a clerk? dont we have writers anymore? Oh the crushers ,bless em,wanting to be one ,should automatically,ban you from being one. Sitting back waiting for the reggie shit to come in.


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it would be interesting to know if any crushers have friends , the only decent one i ever knew was uncle tom , fmaa wilkinson , run ya if ya needed it , but a good bollicking when required , but a genuinely nice man


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I heard they were ditching the name 'Regulator' and were going to call them something else. Besides the obvious of course. When I was last down at Whale Island doing an ISSC, they had their own tables in the dining room and bar because nobody wanted to mix with them and they only had themselves to talk to. Sad bastards really.