Regulars' views of the RNR

Regulars - what do you consider is the commonly held view of the RNR within the RN?

Is it:
a) Really Not Required
b) We have no idea what they do or why anyone would join - we're indifferent really
c) We like them, we can see the point of them, and we admire the enthusiasm of Reservists
d) Reserves as a whole are becoming hugely relevant due to overstretch and we wish there were more of them.

I have no axe to grind either way, I just thought I'd dip my toe in the water.

Comments please!


War Hero
I think that the Navy would struggle without them in certain key areas. I've only ever really worked with Commissioned RNR to be honest and the very few RNR Ratings who I've worked with have been ex-reg's with years of experience and had good snaggy dits! I have yet to work with RNR Ratings who are not ex-RN.

But there are more than a few who make me wonder 'how the hell did you shake off your carer???' due to their uber-level of mongness!! :D

But overall, I think they're an invaluable asset to the RN.

Oh, and there's one RNR Lt who I'd like to bang like a shite-house door in a storm as I think she's a saucy little minx who is prone to stroppy fits! But she's a jockistani and works in info-ops :( so no-where near perfect....


War Hero
I can’t really comment on this thread as the modern day RNR as it now is completely different beast to the one from my day.
davy_longshanks said:
Regulars - what do you consider is the commonly held view of the RNR within the RN?
To be honest, the ones I've met recently have been on full time service and have been excellent - I don't really see how the RN could cope nowadays.

I did an exercise a few years ago (in the 80s!) with RNR Belfast and they changed my view totally - very professional and switched on (could have been something to do with the N Ireland situation at the time).
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