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Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by pegleg, Dec 2, 2006.

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  1. Out of interest, does anyone know at what Rate an individual with previous Regular Service (CPO/SSgt) would go into the SCC at?
  2. Usually you keep your RN rank/rate so a former RN CPO would become a CPO in the cadets.
  3. VMT dunkers, is that Tri Service, im an ex Booty Cadet Sgt, joined the Regular Army, currently SSgt (CPO), would like to go back to the SCC when my 22 years are up.
  4. I am fairly sure about it being tri-service yep.
  5. Thanks for your help buddy.
  6. Actual text book answer is:

    as long as there is not a greater than 4 year break of service you may enter the corps at an equal rate/rank to that of your service rate/rank where applicable, under the discression of your (SCC) commanding officer and District Officer.

    Where it is felt nessesary, you may be steered towards Officer Selection Boards as an alternative.

    And ther may be examples of where the Break in service can be longer

    Example, we haven an ex Chief Stoker RN, been out 12 years and he has been allowed in as a CPO with invitation to attend OSB

  7. VMT Rincewind, very helpfull :wink:
  8. I am currently in the RNR and have just moved up to the wardroom. I am a TI in the SCC, can I apply for SCC officer status based on my RNR status?
  9. As far as I am aware, if you have been succesful at AIB, the SCC Officer Selection Board (OSB) may be waived, but that is at the discretion of your Area Officer.

    Obviously, the requirement to complete the SCIQ Course and hold a CRB Disclosure still stands.

    Hope this helps!
  10. Grey area.

    The ASO Weapons for Southern Area is a Cdr in the RNR and was a PPO in the SCC, eventually after refusing to go further as a Snr Rate the SCC Caved and handed him Lt (SCC) rank.

    Depends on circumstances but i would argue that as the SCC Ranks are RNR then as an officer in the RNR you should be entitled to wear your RNR uniform, be treated like an officer and wait for someone sensible to catch you up with the paperwork.

  11. Not quite correct. The ASO Weapons is actually a Lt Cdr (CCF) and a S/Lt (SCC).
  12. I was a CPL in the Army and had to dothe whole CI thing , not amused that they made me do a basic course. I was issued with the compulsary egg to suck though
  13. One would argue, and I would imagine rightfully so, that as a commission no matter whether it be reserve or regular (list 1/A) is a 24/7 365 days a year thing.

    Therefore to wear an NCO rig would be inappropriate for a list 1/A officer (which an RNR officer is) to wear.

    Also bare in mind your CO is more than likely, if the cadet unit is in a 20-50 mile radius of your RNR unit, to be inspecting officer one year. Ours was 'mia' to do this one recent night.

    As to AIB meaning a pass at OSB, 6 years ago it was only enough to waive certain pre requisites to go to OSB. But that was 6 years ago...

    (That's also made me realise I've known Rincewind for going on 6 years... by god)
  14. I totally agree. The SCC is a completely different organisation of course with different priories, but given its officers are listed on the Navy List (albeit not commissioned), it seems utterly bizarre that an RNR officer wasn't simply permitted to turn up in his own dress appropriate to his RNR rank.

    It seems particularly bizarre given that the provision exists for URNU middies to turn up as CIs but - with their CO's permission - to 'maintain their URNU status', i.e. wear their Mid's uniform. As one humble (mature, he hastens to add) student type who has done this, painfully conscious of how little I know vis-a-vis highly experienced PO (SCC) instructors, I find it absolutely amazing that real naval personnel with real experience are not able to turn up in their uniform/rank as of right. It seems odd to allow the URNU to do it and the real Navy/RNR not to do so...It's another disincentive to people who may have something valuable to contribute.
  15. Steady now... he is a Subbie :twisted: ... However, we do know how to throw a darned good party.

    In all seriousness though, just ring the AO. In all honesty they'd probably welcome someone to be young blood in the officers corps, per sae, within the SCC.

    S/he will be able to give you the practical current answer. However if anyone tried to tell you to wear an NCO uniform, be it a different organisation or not, I'd be very wary. It's not just the SCC side of things you need to think about.

    Finally, it is a very distant memory BUT I remember there being an edict somewhere, baring in mind I've had no contact with the SCC for 6 years or so this is pretty good..., that any list A/1 rank overrides your SCC rank. Something to do with them being List 7/14/208 (whichever it was).
  16. Sorry mate don't get that - I was just referring to my own experience at a particular detachment. No offence intended...

    With regard to the list thing, it makes sense, but given that the terms of the MOU between the SCC and MOD(N) render the SCC very independent of MOD(N), it probably gives the SCC far more latitude in these matters than would be available to ATC/ACF.
  17. Quite possible shipsnthat, nothing is ever simple!

    Don't worry there wasn't any offence taken, I was tongue in cheek saying that us young subbies and 'real experiance' don't go together in the old stereotype. These days not so much.
  18. Cheers - now I get you!
  19. The biggest problem with people turning up with RNR RN rank is that they forget that the majority of SCC staff are VOLUNTEERS who are not part of the RN or RNR and don't appreciates being ordered around by someone who ha no experience of how the SCC works and start to throw their weight around.

    I've witnessed a CI ( or TI as they are now known with 30 odd years experience have a RN PO try and talk to them as if they were some kind of simpleton with no idea just because they weren't in uniform and seen then reduce kids to tears because they forget that they aren't adult and they are doing this for fun and don't need to be broken!!

    The worse type are the ones that come in ( usually ex RN) and start with the whole I used to be ( INSERT RANK) you know and think we should instantly bow down to their greatness even if they are knobcheeses.
  20. WW, agreed, I have 19 years experience in the Regular Army, 7 years as a Sea Cadet/Marine Cadet, however, at my unit I would never presume to know better than any of the well established SCC members of staff, in fact I rely on them for specialist help and advise all the time, it's a whole different ball game being a "youth leader" than it is at the day job.

    I am currently a SSgt in the army (CPO) and applied to go into uniform with the SCC, they offered me the confirmed rank of PO, not PPO which I am very happy with, it's about the difference that you can make to the kids that I find rewarding not what rank you may hold.

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