Regrets, I've had a few....

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by guestm, May 11, 2010.

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  1. Whilst enjoying some shite ale laced with pipe cleaner last night, I thought on many things which I wish I hadn't done in my short life thus far. Whilst some of my peers came up with the usual, (first wife, selling houses etc) I realised that I only seem to regret the rather more leftfield acts and decisions. So, in good RR fashion, here I shall lay bare the only things I have ever regretted in 34 years:

    1. Trading in my millenium falcon for 4 Roy of the Rovers annuals at bring in your toys day at primary school. My dad gave me a fucking hiding and original Star Wars toys are now worth shitloads.

    2. Supporting Carlisle United. 30 years of utter shite whilst all my mates enjoy cup finals, Champions league nights and generally decent football. I watch 11 spastics chase the vball around like it has a fucking bell in it. All the while I stand next to a couple of farmers and mentalists who piss in the decrepit cow shed of a stand.

    3. Not shagging Blue Peter's Helen Skelton when I had the chance.

    4. Offering out a large Chilean in Valpairaiso who I figured couldn't handle himslef because he was South American. Swiftly followed by a period of mustering my own teeth with broken fingers.

    5. Deciding that I was too drunk not to drive and walking would be too dangerous on the night of my promotion to PO.

    6. Throwing a camping Gaz cannister on a campfire and returning to it after 30 minutes of it just glowing and not exploding.

    7. Having 5 pints in the Dryad bar prior to FTT in 2001.

    8. Whilst cocking around in Jetskis in Antigua, buckling to peer pressure when told. "You should jump that speedboat wake as it goes past, those chicks laying on the beach would think you are cool as fuck."

    9. Hearing the screech of an incoming rocket, turning to my mate and saying. "That'll be miles away, I'm not moving."

    10. Whilst hurtling around the roads near lake Ullswater, spotting a gap around a tractor 40yds short of a sharp right hander and thinking. "I can get through there."

    11. Thinking that no socks are better than damp socks for a CFT.

    12. Deliberately swamping myself at a hanger party in MPA for a laugh, and then having to walk about 3 miles back to the accomodation at 4am in the Falklands winter with wet jeans.

    I don't really care about anything else, it has shaped me well.

    What are yours?
  2. Seen. I'm putting together my response, but it's going to take fucking ages 8O
  3. Erm

    1. Banging 32 whores (none in Britain) during my first time round in the Andrew

    2. Holding the record for having 1000 wanks in one wank sock with out washing it during a deployment.

    3. Having a wank in every WE department during rounds (not in one set of rounds though) during a deployment on a 42.

    Hold on why am I writing this list I don't regret any of the stuff I've done :lol:
  4. Thinking if i fall asleep by this tree a french version of the modplod will find me and take me down the boat on time for duty.

    The only bird i regret shagging is a munter who tried to blame me for her bastard child causing unparralleled amounts of grief between the whole of my family and me (i should have cut her up there and then).

    Shagging her again.

    Thats it for now
  5. Wasn't from Carlisle was she? Still get a cold shiver after that one. Looked abit like Monty only whiter!!! :D

    Going into the Ship on Lee on Solent sea front for a quick one and getting the shit kicked out of me by a load of skate bashers!!!
  6. No but strangely yes to the monty one.
    The second time i dont actually regret as much because i dry fcuked her arse and gave her a couple of kidney punches whilst spitting on her.
    The bit i do regret is i got a dose of the skankwhore.
  7. I'm probably related to her, we all are up there.

    That's another regret I have, not escaping that shithole earlier.
  8. Thinking her curiosity for why people go to Devils Point was her making small talk, and not realising she wanted to go dogging at Devils Point!

    Thinking £50 a month phone contract was a good deal

    Leaving and not even finishing phase 2!
  9. Dropping out of A levels, dropping out of college, dropping out of teacher training/uni, dropping out of my apprentiship, dropping out from the county team, splitting up with my soulmate, that night that I don't ever want to speak of 8O , not moving away when I had the chance, most of all- JIM.
  10. Not going to college or uni

    not signing up to the forces earlier
  11. Assuming i would pass my direct access bike test whilst on POTL

    Buying a brand new 06 YZ-F R6 the day before my test

    Not seeing the car pulling out at the T junction

    Arguing with the examiner back at the test centre
  12. Here's a sore spot;

    Forgoing promotion at work last year in favour of deploying with the RNR
    Believing my employers that my pension contract was set in tablets of stone 23 years ago, and that the gov are trying to steal my transferred navy pension...with only three years to go!
    Oh....and the thought that for the first time EVER, the Prime Minister is younger than me! 8O 8O
  13. Sorry, I read it all wrong. I've had a few and thought you wrote something else:

  14. You too? :oops:
    Fooking about too much in 6th Form and failing mock As, thereby leaving school and getting into the Corps thing...hold on nah I don't really regret that one at all.
    Ditching a QPR programme signed by the entire team and their opponents that day Liecester City '76-'77ish, as well as a decades worth of others because I was having a bit of a declutter! Be worth at least the original cover price of 20p now!
  15. Opting to leave the RN instead of accepting an offer of a draft onto the Royal Yacht if I stayed in.

    I reckon that decision caused me a lot of grief for some years; and I mean grief.

    Still, mustn’t crumple, eh? :)
  16. Not being able to socialise on a regular basis because of my psychotic tendencies.

    Marrying the second wife.
  17. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Regrets? Let me see...

    - Not taking up the offer of being signed by Sony with my old band as "We are in this for the fun, not the money"

    - Not nicking that mahoosive portrait of Saddam when clearing some bunkers on Op Granby

    - Not shagging that fit girly mate, who was hanging off me in sympathy, when i separated from Mrs Blackrat the first

    - Trying to win the loudest fart competition in Germany and ending up with what can only be described as shepherds pie in my boxers, in front of the entire Squadron

    - Setting off the fire alarms and nicking the fire equipment when coming in pissed because "The guard looked too fucking slack" and being found, in my room, asleep across the fire barrow

    - After spending over an hour drinking and chatting with legend actor Richard Harris, declining his offer of going out for something to eat as i had to be elsewhere (he died a week later)
  18. Going to Savoys

    Going to Black and Whites

    Going to the Dome

    Although to be fair not all visits were regrettable. Just the majority
  19. When my father was in hospital on Christmas Day 2003 after a fall and surgery on his broken hip, letting myself be persuaded by my Mother that she, my brother and I should all go home for lunch and visit my father again later that day, despite my great misgivings .........................

    Getting a phone call at 1500 asking us to return to the hospital, to be told that he had suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away at 1430.

    That regret will be with me for ever.
  20. Sol, I sat in the Queen Elizabeth for hours with my dad. Almost dropping with exhaustion I was persuaded to go home.
    On arriving home I received a call to say dad died within minutes of me leaving the ward. You cannot beat yourself up over matters of fate. :(

    One big regret was not being able to tell my Mum I loved her, she died young, as did my dad.

    I regret the day I ever passed for a PCV (PSV) licence, it is arguably the worst employment a person could undertake and retain a pleasant disposition. An empty bus/coach is a happy bus/coach. Fuckin public. :twisted:

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