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Regretfully Cancelled Application - Advice


Hi everyone,
I’m looking for a bit of advice. I was supposed to start Raleigh earlier this year but out of blind panic I decided against it in the days before hand. (I contacted my AFCO to inform them). I’ve since realised this was a terrible decision. I’m wondering if it’s likely I’d be able to reinstate my application and continue from where I left off? Or just what my options are now?

Thanks in advance.


More than likely tell you to come back in 6 or 12 months.
Give yourself time to fully think it through and make sure 100% it's what you want.
If you have pulled out at the last minute of the recruitment process, they will be wary of putting you in raleigh spending all that money, time and effort to recruit you for you to PVR and leave the service before giving it a chance.
Take a step back and have a damn good think about it, if need be do a pros and cons list, search on here for different threads and get an insight to what to expect.
Speak to your CA that's what they are there for.

I wish you all the best :)


War Hero
As stated above, speak to your AFCO.

It's not uncommon and as long as adequate notice was given prior to entry, a no-show place can often be filled in as little as a couple of weeks, with minimal impact.

If notifying of a change of mind after PRNC and with a week or less to run, invariably the training place is wasted at significant wasted expense.

Generally you'll need to convince your careers adviser that you're a viable prospect this time around.

With regard continuing an application from the same stage it was terminated, the odds are it's unlikely & some selection elements will need to be recompleted.

Best of luck.
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