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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Ninja_Stoker, May 25, 2008.

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  1. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's rather refreshing to see that at least someone recognises the Royal Marines aren't in the Army and that they serve on the frontline with distinction and respect.

    Together with the fact that as well as the Commandos, there are also other Royal Marines and Royal Navy personnel serving 800 miles inland in support.

    Finally it seems to have reached the media, albeit only the broadsheets. Give it a year or two and the "Currant Bun" will doubtless run an exclusive. [​IMG]
  2. It's a far cry from 1982 where people cheered us out and cheered our return (those of us lucky enough to survive). I'm not sure that the public per se understands our armed forces anymore. We have been tainted with unpopular wars in "those countries" and we seem to be viewed by some of the civvies as the bad guys.
    It's a "wouldn't start from here" situation, I'm not sure that the little that this government is trying to do is enough to reverse this trend.
    I for one, will always be proud to have worn the uniform of the Royal Navy, and I will continue to support our service men and women no matter where they serve. :thumright:
  3. I think it`s partly to do with like , the royal navy service men and woman serve from ship where as the army is on the frontline and in more danger.Well at least against in the middle east.I respect all our service men and women regardless wether on ship or not and believe that they should be guranteed a house when they get out of serving for at least 2-5 yrs.Not like what this government does, just chucks em on the street :angry8: .I want to join the navy but can`t till i`m 21:( But atleast that gives me enough time to train etc, and i`m more proud of our history then our country now.Oh and does anyone know where respect has gone? cause somewhere after 1945 we have lost it, and it`s a rarerity now.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Tell you what is strange about the wars in Afghanistan & Iraq...

    The general public perception is that it's only the Army that go there. When I wanted to join-up my Dad said: "You're not joining the Army because you'll end up in Northern Ireland"

    So I joined the mob & 8 weeks after joining my first ship I went to the Falklands conflict on Argonaut. Ta Dad, wise words.

    Similarly today, we get parents advising their offspring to join the RN or RM "Because it's safer". This year, as well as the Royal Marines commandos, over 1000 RN/RM personnel have served in Afghanistan alone.

    From a recruiting perspective both the RN & RAF benefit from the Army's high profile in Iraq (and admittedly numerically higher contribution), but all are liable to serve on land in areas of conflict & it would be very wrong to suggest otherwise for recruiting purposes.
  5. I think it's because people's perception is that all land fighting is to do with the Army, all aerial combat is to do with the Air force, and all sea battles are to do with the Navy.

    The reality as you all know is that all three services are in ALL theatres of war now, the public need education on who does what, when and where before they will start being able to distinguish between forces.
  6. A major problem I see with both the British Public, some serving members of the armed forces and some members of RR and similar pages is that any criticism of the two current mid-east conflicts is immediately seen as a an attack on the armed forces. Many other Countries the USA in particular do not make this assumption and show great respect for their armed forces while still attacking the Government of G Dubbaya.

    Maybe it is an impression that both Senior Military and Police Officers, for that matter, are to ready to do the bidding of their political masters and to reticent to support their troops. In all but a very few cases they only come out in support once their pension and honours are safely tucked away in the bank.

  7. Indeed it just goes to show that they are gutless and motivated by self –interest by not speaking out when they are in the job.
  8. I think youve just proved the point. There are a hell of a lot of sailors that are shore side in both sandy places. And the public simply do not know this.

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