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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Topstop, May 13, 2008.

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  1. Just got the form through to tax my car , its just short of a year old, this is where the problems really start;

    The Road Tax people are under the impression that I drive a Vauxhall.
    On my "Log Book" its an Astra 1.3GL with a 1.9 heavy oil engine.
    The car sat on my my drive is cunningly disguised as a Skoda Fabia VRS SE.

    When the "log book " arrived I checked the reg No. on the outside but didnt check the details inside OOOOOOOOPPPS!!!!! :dwarf: and filed it.

    Now to sort this mundungus out!
  2. Rather appropriate avatar!
  3. Well I am amazed the lengths Skoda drivers will go to just to make it look as if they are driving a different brand of car!
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You got a spare key for your Skoda? Seems like a fair swap...

  5. Though we all take the piss out of the Skoda I would have one. Since VW acquired the company the Skoda has become a desirable motor car.
  6. As the car is not yet a year old, it looks like the Supplier buggered things up when they registered it. Take the logbook back to them and make it their problem. They misregistered it, not you.
  7. Its problely DVLA`s fault the No. plate is a personal one and the old car it was on was a Fabia VRS as well.

    Makes me wonder what would have happend if I`d been picked up speeding or something . SO19 gun up my left nostril, or bent over for the rubber glove treatment? ^_^; o_O :oops:
  8. Did wonder why a few months back when I phoned a company for a tyre quote they asked for the Reg No. and the quote was really cheap; 165/80t13? instead of 205/45vr 16.
  9. In 2002 I bought a second hand Ford Escort Estate. As my missus is disabled I had to get the tax disc altered at DVLA Portsmouth. Going through the V form I noticed that the registered colour was Red. I pointed out to the guy behind the glass that the car was in fact Aubergine (Purple). His reply was "I don't care what colour you say it is, the V form says it's Red, and Red it will stay!!".

    I eventually convinced DVLA Swansea that the car was Purple, but often wondered what I would do if I got stopped or snapped by the fuzz.

    Semper Strenuissima
  10. My mate swears by his Skoda,mind you its always breaking down.
  11. The shouldn't that be swears at his Skoda?
  12. Topstop.

    What does your insurance company think you are driving? Give those thieving bast*rds a chance, and you will find out that they will regard you as uninsured (though they will still quite happily take your premiums).
  13. They think its a Skoda too.
  14. Mate of mine had a Lada - his claim to fame was a speeding ticket which he had framed on the wall noting his excessive speed as 92MPH! Said that without it nobody would believe the things went that fast! Mind I do believe he was coming down Portsdown Hill with a tail wind at the time! Apparently he plod who nicked him was having difficulty in keeping a straight face!
  15. Had a Marina when I first got a car 100 MPG. Got to Guzz on only 2 Gallons,Oil.Ouch :dwarf:
  16. Good news, although DVLA Swansea still has the Log book but the local DVLA office in Pommey was able to tax said vehicle. 35 mins queueing and 10mins plus the supervisor to get the road tax. A huge relief as I thought the car may have to be off the road untill it was sorted, I need it for work being self employed :thumright: :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:

    BZ`s to all at the PORTSMOUTH DVLA Office.

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