Register: "We Want Two' RN Carrier Plan Pondered By Cabinet"

Would love to set this guy loose in Lils and see whats left of him after. So what makes Lewis Page the expert on all things defence?

This guy is clearly a grade A moron. reading his articles is just painful.
Doubt it. Lewis Page makes the facts fit his little world. More like he's sat there in his gingerbread house in pixieland and made up fantastic future worlds where peace reigns, the UK armed forces are no longer in existance and he rules all as overlord
Re: Register: "We Want Two' RN Carrier Plan Pondered By Cabi

Normong_Gruntham said:
So the MOD's PR personage has now resorted to quoting Lewis Page?

My how the MOD has fallen.
I think you'll find that Sol has consistently, and without favour, posted articles from any source which may be of interest.

Furthermore, Lewis Page and The Register are as good as Thomas Harding and The Telegraph. Or to put it another way, they are all purveyors of shite.

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