Regional pre Christmass drinks.

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by jesse, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. I notice that over on ARRSE they hold their social events [piss ups] by region. There must be enough of us in the Midlands to have a a depraved run ashore and the last one into A&E is beef. Or if the passing years have slowed some of us down a bit, at least a dinner time sesh with the big eats . What about Brum as a location? I'm open to suggestions.:thumbup:
  2. Good idea,anybody up for same in East Yorkshire?
  3. We have one in Huntingdon Cambs, usually week before crimbo. The younger :) RNAers and a few serving members.
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  4. As far as I'm aware the only other person who posts on here from the vicinity of Cumbria is MLP.

    In which case, I'll stick to drinking alone.

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  5. You'll be fine. I don't drink with the unemployed.
  6. Cheeky ****er.

    I'm retired.
  7. We have an RNA Xmas dinner,not enough young ones to make it a proper run shore!
  8. I suppose that I'll be with all my mates in Chambers, St Helier then? Ah well, at least the rounds'll be cheap.
  9. Cheap flights from Cambridge International Airport now, I'll bring your card over with me! :)

    Your Global Gateway - Cambridge Airport
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  10. Anybody fancy a run in the sun? Cheap fags and booze, then we could all jump on a bus and head off down to Gib to support the locals!

    Where the fags and booze are even cheaper!

    Always (well usually!) lovely and sunny in December......

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