Regional Dialect Me Babber

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by KLNA-Cessna-Jockey, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. With regional accents becoming far more used on TV such as the Geordie Blerk on Big Brother (Deey Thurtee eeet in the Big Brutha Hoose) and Justin Lee Collins with his Bristolian tones, I thought I would introduce you to a brief introduction to Bristle Speak is a cracking internet site that has a taster of the Dickshunree of Bristle (Bristol Dictionary), a sample of which is below

    (word) Ikeawl -(description) A large Swedish furniture store - (useage) I got ee down Ikeawl, smart innit. :???:

    Anyone got any more introductions to local dialects they can share.

    Queers me babber ! :lol: :lol:
  2. Really p!sses me off, must be something to do with being PC. I like to hear the hint of an accent but hate it when these plastic Geordies, Scousers, Yorkies lay it on so thick it makes me cringe. When they got to the bar afterwards I bet they speak in Oxford English. Bstrds
  3. "Hello! We're Cockneys" in a VERY posh accent
  4. Providing you are born within the sound of Bow Bells you are a Cockney. Many who now live in this area are very posh and have Oxbridge accents.

    Sorry Lamri your mouth engaged before brain.

  5. Nutty mate, I consider myself to be one of the last "true" cockerneys born, in Barts just before the Bow bells stopped the clattering.
    Makes me larf these days at the amount of mockneys there are about :D
  6. lamri

    Agree with you mate, live in the midlands now and always get called a cockney by the brummies with their dulcid, slow tones. My reply is that i was born in Peckham south london like generations of my family and am NOT a cockney. Nice to know there are still a few around though mate, worked in the old spitalfields market with my grandad as a kid and remember how it was in the old days when real cockneys were around.

  7. Guy I went to school with came from Sarf London (Old Kent Rd) and ended up living in or near Brum.
    I went to LNS in Stamford Street. Ring any bells?
  8. well not all Guzzoneans talk like janners.... i fecking hate being called maid,,, and what is a buuuy,,,,,, god i sound like my grandma ,,either that or im geeting old,,,,
  9. Know old and New kent road very well, Thomas A Becket, Dun Cow, Charlie Chaplin etc!! It's isn't me though mate, didn't go to the said school. Proud of my rooots, but knew when i was onto a hiding so moved away oppo!!

  10. What got right up my nose was the fake accents that some of the grunters used trying to make themselves sound posh. Hilarious when the shit hits the fan and they revert back to their native tongue. Pretentious tossers.
  11. Born in Lambuff (Waterloo), brought up in SW9 & SE24, sixteen years in Jannerland (Torpoint), when we moved to York in 1978 was accused by my crew of speaking posh (!!!?).
    Still get picked up by Mrs Mango for saying "garridge".
    My Mum was a Cockney, born Bankside, Southwark, must have been able to hear Bow bells quite clearly across the river.

  12. Ahh well, it was worth asking :)
  13. Not so in my case Ling, broad as the Blackwall tunnel mate and proud of it. Although i wasn't a grunter either!!
  14. Sorry Ling, Knew a lad called Lee Rickard who went to said school, would be 34 ish now if that helps.
  15. Eh, what? What school? :???:
  16. LNS

    But he was after my time :(
  17. Some of us actually have strong accents. I consider myself bilingual now, but when I first went to uni in London my accent was so broad I was unintelligible to anyone from the Home Counties.

    I even had people from Yorkshire telling me I was 'putting it on' 'cos "no one says thee or thar anymore". :roll:

    I suspect Sweeney could tell you similar dits.

    I now speak in Yorkshire-lite, but revert back to my natural tongue when back in God's country. A tell thi.

    Oh yeah, don't start me on that Emmerdale programme, hardly anyone on that programme has an authentic accent. That Seth was good but I think he's dead now.
  18. Fackin Norvern Munkies :grin:
  19. Southern Shandy drinking shite! :lol:

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