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Regimental march?

Come on guys, be serious !!

What about 'Thunderbirds' - that seemed to be the favourite of the bootie band in Chatham every divisions day, then they would burst forth into 120 odd paces for the jennies who marched past last.

Passed-over_Loggie said:

You are, of course, right; except is it too traditional for the Maritime Command of British Armed Forces PLC?

Who is our major benefactor these days? Perhaps we need to adopt tunes to reflect the ethos of the corporations keeping the Navy Afloat. We have the River Class OPVs which while painted grey and flying the White Ensign don't actually belong to Pusser, then we have HMS Collingrad & Sultan, the home of the Railtrack College by kind permission of the owner Flagship Training (oh and a few matelots too). Can I therefore suggest that "Road to Nowhere" would be an appropriate tune to be played?
We are sailing (ducks quickly!)

If it is to reflect the current ethos and in particular the sale of White Ensign, what about Pink Floyd - Money?

Or maybe some of the music from the soundtrack of The Hunt for Red October? Or more recently, the soundtrack for Master and Commander - I can certainly recommend Boccherini's Night Guard in Madrid.

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