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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jacksback, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. My father in law an ex marine of the old school died recently.He always considered himself still a marine at heart even at the age of 84.
    The family were wondering if it is possible to aquire a flag for the coffin,and if so How and where?
    I would be most grateful for any help on this subject
  2. Try checking with your local Royal Marine or Royal Naval Association, they should be able to help out.
    Our Association holds a White Ensign for this purpose. But we are regularly told, that it is the Union Flag that should cover a coffin. We leave it to members families to chose.
  3. Try the Funerals Officer at HMS NELSON. (023) 92 72 23 33 used to be his number; If doesn't work try the normal exchange. Someone will have the no for the Chief of the Watch.

    Good luck

  4. Hey Jacks! Hope you're able to get the ensign!
  5. I have arranged a few Military funerals and roofrat is correct when he advises you to use the Union Flag, if you cannot obtain one from a service source I know that most Military surplus stores sell them. Also I have seen the paper parts of Poppys thrown into the grave at the end of a service which makes a nice touch.
  6. I want the White Ensign for my funeral , not for a while yet though , :oops:
  7. Do you have a local RMR or Marine Cadet Unit?They might be able to assist.
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    As far as a Union Flag is concerned I think a lot of Undertakers have them, also contact the local RM Association to see if they would parade their Standard if thats what the family want.
  9. Dunno about which Ensign I'd want for my funeral; think I'd rather have someone do me a sub! got to br worth a tot or two that sub!
  10. Please be advised that the correct flag for all service personell is the Union Flag. (BR 1834). If you don't believe me just think back to the all too many news reports fron Brize Norton in recent times. Of course the wishes of the deceased, especially if long retired, should always be respected. I only wish to point out what is correct.
  11. Good idea , not to many volenteers though , I'l pay double the going rate :roll:
  12. Yes it shouild be the union flag or an association flag of an association the person belongs to

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