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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kyle.L.19, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys

    Just a quick question really on your view points.

    For a while i was contemplating about seaman specialist, Aircraft handler, and MCD, after alot of information and deep thinking i was planning to go with Seaman Specialist. However when i told the AFCO, three different guys have said the same thing, that i should rather go with a mechanical and engineering or CT role, because of my 9 G.C.S.E;s and 2 A'levels. I know i know i have to make my own decision and do what i want to do, but they were thinking of my welfare of coming out of the Navy and having a trade under my belt and qualifications, which makes sense and has got me worried.

    I think i kinda agree with them, but i dont want to be mislead cause i hear sometimes they sell you down the river so to speak, so i was wondering what you guys think ? should i go into a more CT / mechanical based area because of my qualifications?

    Many thanks for sharing your opinions guys!

  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Personally, I'd be rather miffed with any careers orientated professional that offered incorrect careers advice. Additionally you could wait to see what score you got in the Recruiting Test, despite your prior academic achievement, to see whether you are able to further narrow down your options before making a decision.
  3. Like chipping paint? Go Seaman Specialist, however with your quals and if you show ability you may find promotion quicker.
    That being said, if you would like a more technical occupation go with the offered trades.
    Rather than 'selling you down the river' the AFCO staff maybe trying to steer you into a Naval career that you will find interesting and fulfilling, rather than a year or two as an SS then the rest of your time spent dripping about being bored.
    Still as you say, it's your life so choose wisely. As the Ninja has stated once you've signed on the dotted for a particular trade that's it, no swappsies.
    Best of luck with your career.
    Standing by for incoming from Seamen Specs. :thumright:
  4. Thanks bootneck and ninja, thats real helpful :thumright: I think i will do that, ill wait after me tests on the 28th and see the results that i get. I am considering the mechanical sides like AET, but i dont wanna be hooked up in a shed i wanna e out doors, thats why i like SS lol :S.

    Anyways thanks so much, ill keep you informed :)!!!

  5. Choose a branch you will really enjoy, if you are fit enough go for MCD first. Afterall, when you leave you can earn big bucks on the oil rigs.
  6. Believe me on this one the joys of wind, rain, snow and hail are over rated :thumright:
  7. ahaha maybe so :p but on them sunny days, its gotta be a bonus!! Not sure if i will be fit enough for MCD, i do 3 milers every week, i can do 1.5 mile in 11 minute and 20 secs, but i dont think i could hack doing that every day. If AET get quiet alot of outdoorsy, then i will consider that lol!

    Dam this is hard :S lol! ^_^;

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