Refusing blood transfusion

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Karma, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. BBC report

    A young Jehovah's Witness has died just hours after giving birth to twins. She had signed a form refusing blood transfusions, and her family would not overrule her. Couldn't doctors have intervened?

    So should the doctors have considered the risks to the children of a single parent up-bringing and given the transfusion anyway?
  2. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm willing to be corrected but I believe they can't. Once she says no thats that. Quite extraordinary that she could believe so strongly and was willing to gamble against her life and her children.
  3. Not the doctors call/part of ship. If the dozy mare wants to go to Heaven that badly its up to her.(sic) Are the social workers involved yet. :dwarf:
  4. I'm thinking more about the philosophical question, rather than the current interpretation of the legislation. Thought it might make a change form the usual debateusing the term very loosely
  5. Certainly not!
    None of their business in my opinion.
  6. Had the doctors got involved then they would have been open to assault charges. Weigh it up, charges of assault V death of a parent????? but then I'm an engineer and fix things that can't complain, makes life easy.
  7. Another example of the lunacy of the misguided religious interpretation of a book written by a committee of dead mean thousands of years ago. Despite that, the doctors had no other recourse (in this country, at least). On a brighter note, I believe the the Jehavah's Witness community is much more cohesive than the average society, and the children will be brought up in a loving and supporting family environment, even without their mother. Pity it is a misguided, religion based community.
  8. It is only misguided to you, just as you are misguided to them!
  9. On the other hand can logig be nisguided, I know faith can be, one hoes always hope that proper logic is no capable of being misguided.
  10. Who sets the standard though Maxi?
    Who are WE to say who is misguided, we don't have all the answers mate, do we?
  11. In the case of juveniles the government has intervened in the past and overruled parents demands that their child not be given blood transfusions.
    In the case of an adult of sound mind I think it would take a rather stupid person to overrule the adult. Claims in court by today's lawyers would probably net millions.
  12. Sorry, but where exactly does the Bible say that blood transfusions are not permitted by God? The books were written before blood circulation was known about, much less transfusions. AND the books were written by men. Where is the sense, the logic, in refusing a straightforward medical procedure to ensure your survival and the provision of a mother to your newborns (not withstanding my earlier comments about the community)? If someone said that they refused a transfusion because the great flying spaghetti bowl told them in a dream that only tomato sauce must flow in your veins, they'd be certified mad and carted off. They'd still get the blood, though. How many believers in the great flying spaghetti bowl does it take for the law to protect their tomatoy rights? Madness, I tell you.
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Actually as Health Care Workers, Doctors have a social and moral obligation for the care of the child and, in certain exceptional circumstances, can apply to a Judge for an Order to make the unborn child a 'ward of the Court' for the duration of the delivery and subsequent treatment, thus assuming temporary guardianship. What the Social Services do after that is another matter...

    I know from personal experience (i.e my Mother spent most of her working life as a maternity nurse) that his occurred on more than one occasion, although only in rare circumstances.
  14. This is part of their religious doctrination and has happened many times in the past.

    However, maybe - just maybe in todays sue anything and everything climate, that was the idea.
    Perhaps they decided to refuse thinking the docs would intervene.
  15. Personally I believe in individual autonomy except where that autonomy harms others in the Millian topos of 'harm'. Just as an adult of sound mind (whatever that actually is) should be entitled to abort a fetus which is incapable of surviving naturally ex utero, so an adult should be able to kill themselves or cause others to passivly assist their suicide through abstinence. It should be remembered that passive euthanasia is not illegal in the UK, only in the active form.

    See the Suicide Act 1961.
  16. Hmm, so God would rather a woman die, and her children grow up without a mother than have a blood transfusion?

    If this is the God, imagine the devil.

    May I also remind you that the Jehovah's Witness movement forbids followers from marrying non-Jehovah's Witnesses, and as I was reading in a copy of the Watchtower magazine, takes "Secret Dating" (i.e. youths dating without their parent's knowledge) to be a deeply shameful act. And also if they are frequently wrong about the date of Armageddon, surely there is the possibility they are wrong about blood transfusions?
  17. You and I might think that, but they have every right to worship who and how they want and if that includes 'no blood transfusions' then so be it. It harms neither me nor you.
  18. Surely we should collectively get off of our high horses and let people live (and indeed die) in the manner that they wish to ?
    Or are we so used to Labour's nanny state that we can't stand the idea of someone having the freedom to do just that?
  19. I think we should respect her for believing so devoutly that she was ready to do this--------- I am a strong believer in having the right to die, and to have the right to do so with dignity, in the way we so choose-- and bottom line this is what she chose.

    It is her faith, her belief, and her choice- who are we to criticise?

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