Refund of insurance - help needed

Today I scrapped my car after an MOT failure. Was going to cost £400 to fix everything, which wasn't worth it on a car that cost me £250. So I took it to a scrapyard and got £50 for it.
I have since informed the DVLA and returned my tax disc for a refund, but my question is if it is normal (or indeed possible) to get a refund on the remaining period on my car insurance? I am with Tesco for insurance and can't find anything in the booklet or the policy about cancelling it.
(This was my first car so I am new to these things.)

If it is possible then would cancelling affect my no-claims bonus?

Very much obliged for any help.


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Don't quote me, but the insurance company should cancel and refund the difference (if you have paid up front for your annual cover) and give you a notification of your no claims, but check your policy booklet or speak to them. They may also make you a good deal if you renew the policy when you get a new car (good business sense to keep existing customers).


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Having been in your situation a few times, yes they normally will refund the remaining insurance. However they will probably charge you an admin fee.
Yes you should get a refund a few will freeze your insurance if you are thinking on another car soon.

250 pounds for a car is a lot of money to be spending on a car my limo only cost a hundred. Drives like a dream
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