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Refund of insurance - help needed


War Hero
Today I scrapped my car after an MOT failure. Was going to cost £400 to fix everything, which wasn't worth it on a car that cost me £250. So I took it to a scrapyard and got £50 for it.
I have since informed the DVLA and returned my tax disc for a refund, but my question is if it is normal (or indeed possible) to get a refund on the remaining period on my car insurance? I am with Tesco for insurance and can't find anything in the booklet or the policy about cancelling it.
(This was my first car so I am new to these things.)

If it is possible then would cancelling affect my no-claims bonus?

Very much obliged for any help.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Don't quote me, but the insurance company should cancel and refund the difference (if you have paid up front for your annual cover) and give you a notification of your no claims, but check your policy booklet or speak to them. They may also make you a good deal if you renew the policy when you get a new car (good business sense to keep existing customers).


Lantern Swinger
Having been in your situation a few times, yes they normally will refund the remaining insurance. However they will probably charge you an admin fee.
Yes you should get a refund a few will freeze your insurance if you are thinking on another car soon.

250 pounds for a car is a lot of money to be spending on a car my limo only cost a hundred. Drives like a dream
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