refitting the fort rosalie

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by mate, Sep 13, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    my apologies up front

    we are not navy personell..but it was a person who went to the Falklands on the Fort Rosalie who asked me to post here see if we could get any help

    we know that the Fort Roslaie was a supply ship....of dried food and Armaments...she carried 4 Chinook helicopters on her decks......and was deployed to war zones...she has been to...The Falklands.......The Baltics...Middle East and last year was in Iraq in her 30 year career

    my other half was employed to help re-fit the Fort Rosalie why she is in dry dock

    Does any-one know what was on H deck? and what H deck was used for?

    any one know what the black dust on board is?

    sorry for all of the questions

    any help would be greatfully appreciated

    thanx in advance

    mate :thanks:
  2. also try the unofficial rfa website, a lot of the rfa crew use this instead of rumration and maybe able to help you hope he's ok soon. can see her from mine as she's in refit at cammel lairds
  3. I'm really sorry to hear your story. I'm not sure what Help I can give you, but I do have friends that work for the RFA, so I will ask around and see if I can find out anything.

    Surely in todays world of health and safety the company for whom he works should have checked all of this out before they commenced any work.

    Hopefully someone on here will be able to give you some good advice. I wish you luck in getting this sorted out


  4. thank you for all of your helpful replies

    they are very much appreciated

  5. If there was no risk assesment done, then it means their liability insurance is invalid, which means any accident proven as a result of that means you have a strong case should you want to pursue this further.

    I hope your partner makes a swift and complete recovery.
  6. thanks for all of the advice

  7. sorry for bringing this back to the top

    the reason I have altered my original post is because I was giving out too much information......and diverting the questions that I was trying to get answers to

    I am trying to find out what substances...toxins my partner has come into contact with

    but was being kindly diverted to Risk and COSHH rights.....which thankyou for your valuable advice....I have taken all of it on board

    but we are desperate to track down

    what was on H deck that was so came from under the floor?.......

    what could the black dust be?

    and anyone know what a 30yr old ship like the Fort Rosalie is lagged in?

    this way ......I can leave the other Risk COSHH issues for another day

    but the answers to the above might help my sick partner get the treatment that he needs to get well again

    thanx in advance

  8. I've given some thought to your problem this morning and the following is my opinion.

    It's highly unlikely that RFA Personnel will reply on an open forum telling you what they were carrying on their ships at any given time or anything detailed about the structure of their ships. I think that they would be breaching security if they did.

    I can see that this is all very difficult for you and I think that it is now time to put this in the hands of other people; if it is important for your partner's medical treatment that the Specialist should be told what substances he may have come into contact with when working on the ship, I think that he/she should be writing formal letters to the appropriate people at the RFA, to ask for any salient information. I believe that, if there is any information which will help your partner, it will be found through that and not via a public forum.

    You may also wish to have an initial consultation with a solicitor who specialises in cases like this.

    I do hope that your other half is well soon.
  9. hi soliel

    you are probably right as to why I am drawing a blank

    I was advised to come onto here for help by a former one of you..who was himself based on the Fort Rosalie many years ago when it went to the Falklands.........he thought an engineer might be able to help

    very sorry.......wasn't trying to compromise anyone

    it was a long shot

    and I will try a diferent avenue


  10. Hi Mate

    Just a note to say that it wasn't meant as any kind of criticism, I was just worried that you could find yourself waiting for a long time before receiving the kind of response you need.

    Please look at your Inbox (the little envelope in the User Info box on the right).
  11. thanks

    have done

  12. hi all

    well my partner is still very ill

    not only are his lungs very damaged from the Zinc chromate paint which stopped the ship from rusting....he now is at 20% lung function

    but he has now got nerve problems with both his toes and both sterted in his big toes and has spread since into all of his toes......and now pain is flowing from his toes into his feet..upto his knees and is spreading...

    all of this is now afecting his walking

    we are 8 months in from his accident..and from when as a very fit man..he was an open water diver...

    he went from extremely being downed in 8 weeks

    please ........he only worked on the Fort Rosalie for 8 weeks

    something dreadful has poisoned him

    the specialists can't help..until they know what poisons/chemicals are causing these dreadful things to happen to him

    he has just undergone a 14day heart memo tape for heart problems

    he is also now covered in a burning rash

    please PM me if you know or can help with getting him better

    we are at our wits ends

    these are serious illnesses

    please can you help

  13. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm terribly sorry to hear of the plight you and your partner face, but I can't believe that the black powder you quote is the cause of the problem. Pusser's greys use zinc chromate too and I've never heard of it making anyone ill. The black powder could be a number of things that I've come across; old air filters breaking down, any number of adhesives in common use breaking up (deck or wall tiles), steam hoses (used to be very common, not so much now). I do not know the vessel you speak of so can't speculate what may be the cause, but I do think the black powder may be a red herring. Only the RFA can answer your question in full. Good luck to you both.
  14. If it was carrying armaments, could that black dust be black powder?

    Possibly a mould?

    I honestly have no idea, but I just wanted to throw some ideas out there.
  15. hi tiddlyoggy

    sadly Hexavalent Chromium iv which is what Zinc Chromate is...can make you very sick..if fumes and dust are inhaled or ingested

    think back to the film Erin Brockovich.....where everyone became ill with terrible cancers

    that is what zinc chromate is 8O

    the effects from the zinc chromate on my partner are indisputable

    it has left him with a 20% lung function

    it's the other symptoms that are causing great worry

    burning rash........nerve damage to feet and lower legs.......heart problems....extreme exhaustion and weakness

    as they have NOT been caused by the zinc chromate ( hexavalent chromium iv)

    it is what is causing these other problems that we are trying to find out

    the flooring from H deck was bagged up as Toxic Waste 8O 8O before being disposed of

    my partner was asked to work in and around this waste before it was bagged up

    also.......he was working very close with the black dust that came out of the wet units...showers....

    we know that the Fort Rosalie was used for many years as a war supply ship

    could anything harmful have caused my partner to now be suffering?

    any help

    very much appreciated

  16. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Again, I'm sorry, without personal knowledge of the the ship in question I can't tell you any more of what may be the problem. How fine is this black powder? If it is small beads it may well be rubber, which as I suggestd earlier used to break down in dockyard steam hoses all the time ( makes sense with the shower bit, but I've never seen that myself). I do know of people being made ill by fresh water tank linings breaking down, but that doesn't fit with powder deposits.
  17. hi

    thanks for your reply

    the black dust could be as you said earlier a red herring

    that said.....when the floor from H deck was lifted for the re-fit

    that flooring was bagged up as hazardous men wearing full bubble mask protection and suits

    my partner had been sent in to work in that area with no mask and suit protection

    the black dust in the wet room /showers was a fine black dust as in soot

    my partner went to work on the re-fit of the fort rosalie a very fit and healthy 8 weeks he was reduced to being a shadow of his former self

    besides the chromium iv (zinc chromate ) dust and fumes from welding work

    something else harmed him in a terrible way

    we don't know if that was a metal fumes that he has inhaled whilst welding....or dusts that he inhaled or ingested whilst working

    all that we know is that it was something very toxic

    I am not expecting anybody to write on here an open forum...........what it may or might have been.........we know this ship carried armaments as well as supplies....and that she was an active ship during her career........therefore some information may be delicate

    please ...........if any ..........of what you have read rings a matter how small.....PM me using the private message that the poisons specialists........who are stuck without names........can treat my partner properly

    and help him regain his former good health

    I know that this is clutching at straws

    but of you out there........knows what has happenned

    a very frustrated

  18. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Writing a pm now.
  19. thanks still waiting for PM

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