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Refinery 29: "Money Diary - A Submariner On £43k In Her Last Week On Shore For Months"

I take it you did not read her story. She had a cabin in the shore Mess and only slept on board when duty officer.

Ok rethinking this, what you are saying that once they get their dolphins submariners stop paying F&A charges? Until I assume they are posted away to a staff or non boat based slot?

On a surface ship, you can live onboard whilst alongside. You can't do that in a boat, so they're entitled to free shoreside accommodation.

Equally, you used to get some of your meals for free onboard. I'm not sure how that works for submariners, but if you're regularly duty (she will be) she'll only pay for a proportion for the month: duty meals are free.
I thought separation allowance was paid when one was separated by deployment etc from one's spouse and GYH also was to get one home to their family. I have not heard of singles being allowed these allowances.

Nope, LSA is regardless of marital status. GYH relies on you owning a house (or at least 'maintaining' one).
Says she lives in her own therefore I take it she is a singlie. How, therefore can she claim LSA and GYH allowances?

Having read the whole diary the bit about decorating her BOYFRIENDS car gives it away[emoji23]

I hope you weren’t in charge of authenticating EAM’s [emoji23]

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Sounds like she is the Supply Officer, as was.

Anyone recall the famous fraud years ago whereby someone opened an account in the name of S.O. Cash....
Yep, just make your cheque payable to SO Cash.

I believe that the account concerned was opened in the name of "Stanley Oscar Achilles" when ACHILLES was visiting New Zealand on a group deployment in the dim and distant past - probably even before you joined!

Amused too by the lack of detail concerning:

"A quick trip into town to stock up on magazines for the ship’s company to read when we're on patrol. I go mad in WHSmith and come out with over 100 – I need to cater for a wide range of hobbies!"

In view of the lack of space and the necessity to be secured for sea at all times, some can very helpfully be stowed in that little cubbyhole in the wardroom heads......


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