Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Rookie-WWFC, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. I have had my security forms for a while and was also requested to get a third reference as my other two references were both from college. The problem is because of the conditions places on the referee's e.g. i have to have had contact with them within so long, I can't get a third reference different to the one's I've already given.

    Could anyone clarify whether my two existing referee's should suffice or suggest another referee i could use?
  2. Vicar / Priest
    Family Doctor
    Family friend in a position of responsibility

    Those are just guesses mind you, I can't recall the exact guidelines.
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Pay me some money and I'll be your new best friend, what do you want me to say?
  4. Hi,

    Next door neighbour, Friend of the family or friend of your parents, School teacher, Boss or colleague from work. Scout/Cadet leader, Family Doctor, prest/vicar, Basically anyone who knows you that is not directly related to you.

    Hope this helps


  5. I seem to spend my life signing things for my next door neighbour's lad because I have a professional qualification!
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    What, "Kept Woman" is a qualification?
  7. I have to have known the person within the past 6 months, I have left school over a year and have already provided two references from college so am told i need a third from somewhere else. My doctor doesn't know me at all well thankfully; can I still use him?
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    You don't get out much do you?

    Yes, use your doctor. Or does your mum and dad know anyone that could help? Copper, solicitor etc.

    I think your in danger of failing the common dog test here.
  9. There is always the option of making friends with some one and delaying your application for 6 months.

    It's your application if you can't complete it they really will not be that interested.
  10. What is it today? You men think you are all sooo funny!
  11. Well we are, and by the way Sharm was great.
  12. oo glad you liked it. Did you snorkel? which hotel did you stay at? did you get cairo dog?
  13. You can't use a friend as a reference can you? Also I have some people who i could use but would prefer not to as they're unsuitable, going to try the family doctor anyway but i really don't see the point as i don't know the man so how he can act as a referee god knows.
  14. A friend should be okay but the more professional and 'upstanding' the better. Otherwise, you could always try asking a Labour peer.
  15. Some of them are quite reasonably priced too!
  16. The problem I have is that my ex employer wasn't very upstanding, although he was a conservative councillor, as well as that didn't part on the best term's although i'm sure he would still be professional and honest in his reference of me I just wouldn't want to ask the favour of him similarly any friends my dad has who own businesses aren't very upstanding either. I can't see why two references from college teacher's wont suffice? Does it require a third 'personal' reference?
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The references are a good indication of an individual's character, particularly those from schools or employers as they are more likely to be unbiased, accurate & objective. They need to be completely independent of each other.

    Two good references are required to confirm the individual's suitability for service before submitting a security clearance request. If you have an adverse school or employment reference we need to justify the selection decision with a favourable reference. Anyone who cannot provide two favourable references influence the selection decision on whether they are worth further processing.
  18. I understand that and i'm sure my ex employer's reference would be good, but would it be a good overall reference as he's got criminal convictions etc. I'd just sooner not use my ex employer as when we parted company it wasn't on the best terms and i don't see who else there is other than my doctor who isn't really in a position to give one as he doesn't know me. I've provided two from my college from two teacher's who asked me to use them as references when i left just can't find this third.
  19. Anyone tell me if i can use someone whos not got a british passport, shes irish married to a british citizen and a nurse, her husbands a distant relative i go running with him hes also the doorman of a place where i go out sometimes so would be a decent personal reference.
  20. seriously, just use your sodding doctor.

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