Reference Withdrawn - Any advice please??

Hi everyone

Basically my boyfriend has everything passed and is leaving on the 22nd Feb for Raleigh. He had a phone call today from AFCO saying one of the references has been withdrawn and he needs to get a new work referee in asap or its putting his job and risk, and clearance could be afaffected by this.

The "woman" who was his work referee was a prolific bully (although didn't target him till after the references were all in). So he took it to a grievance to have her held accountable, and everything was upheld. And now this is her way of getting him back.

He has already emailed details of a new referee and is contacting higher management at his work to try and get them to explain the situation to the AFCO, but he is panicking past himself that he's screwed now.

Any advice or calming words would be beyond appreciated

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