Refereeing in the Navy

Hello all,

I'm due to start at Raleigh on Nov 25th. Currently, however (apart from my crappy office job, yawn) I am also a qualified referee with the Lincolnshire County FA. Once I join, I will looking to transfer my affiliation to the Royal Navy FA.

I'm just wondering though if there are any other officials out there from any sports, not just football, who are in the Navy now who would be able to let me no how I go about getting involved once im signed up. Its something i'm very keen on continuing.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

I qualified while at Yeovil, reffed in a local league as well as some navy games, also ran the line at a FAA friendly against Weymouth when they were a Conference side with Paul Durkin.
I did a cricket umpires course through the RN.
I was also the only qualified American Football Ref in the RN during the 80s.

The only problem I had was being a watch keeper that I could only ref/umpire for Navy things when off watch but I did a lot at weekends in my own time.
Thanks for the info guys, I appreciate that. Basically, I want to try and and referee whenever I feasibly can when im on land, even if its a couple of games a month, i'll be happy.

I'll be based in Plymouth for at least 6-7 months while I complete my Basic and then my Submariner training. Once i'm allocated to a boat, i'll know whether i'll be staying in Plymouth or moving to Faslane. I can then find out what opportunities are available for me.
Sub, I imagine once you make yourself known to the clubswingers you'll be pretty popular, they are usually relieved to palm it off on a guy who actually likes doing the job. I knew Paul Durkin as well, and you can imagine he had a lot of demands on his time in the service, he seemed to be on every committee going.
Anyway, best of luck with it. And dont forget to breathe out..... :drunken:
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