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Reebok Classics or Nike Air Max

After reading the post regarding the best iron to bring i thought i would bring forward a burning question I’m sure many new recruits are bursting to ask... :whew:

What is the best trainer to bring for comfort?

**haha I’m sorry i couldn't resist**
Oh god, if you have to ask

New Balance for beginners or Asics gels. Or walshes or inov8's for running over the fells if your like me who likes getting down and dirty!!


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Can't believe I'm answering this, but how can anyone offer you advice like this if we do not know anything about your running style, body type, physiology, etc.? Anyway...

Go to a proper sports shop (NOT JJB, or similar) as endorsed by a local running club and speak to the sales personnel, as they will have a background in podiatry and fitness, and will suggest the best training shoe according to YOUR needs, regardless of the label/price.



Awww, don't pusser issue these anymore



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What's it coming to!!
Dont they issue boots and daps any more.
If yer joinin' the Army, learn to shoot and duck, and if the Navy, just how to duck
geoff(ers) :nemo:


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Pussers issue trainers. Hi-tec silver shaddows.

If you really want some of these there £11 from slops.


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Not much good for belting schoolkids around the arse are they though
geoff(ers) :nemo:


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I used to work in Sports Shop, Asics are the best trainers out there. They use gel insole not air, so it works as a shock absorber and helps to prevent injuries occuring in the joints (ankle, Knee hip, back).

That is just one piece of the technology used. Kayano style is probably the most durable, will set you back around 80-100 squids though!!
Joe_Crow said:
mikh said:
Awww, don't pusser issue these anymore

Did you honestly get away with your laces like that? My mother-in-law would have shot you for being German!


Remember scrubbing and whitening them fcuking things everyday, washing the laces with dhobi dust in the sink and the burning question of the day was "shall we wear green or yellow today", no-wonder I've still got stress fractures and shin splints.


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Ditto the Pusser's Gym shoes for the use of. I used to love getting the creases right on my white shorts, what a mare they were.
I distinctly recall getting billed for
2x Pussers shorts
2X Rugby Shirts (1 Yellow, 1 Green)
1x Gym Shoes
as I'd given them to one of the Training Team for his son's Rugby Club or summat, ever felt sucked in!!
I was gutted when I heard Pusser had started issuing Reeboks in the late 80's, jammy barstewards
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