Redundancy Implementation (Galaxy 20110601/DNPers)

As far as I can make out the navy are weeding out the rubbish.

I fall into the redundancy requirements but reading this galaxy I’m under the impression that my good reports, the fact I have never been disciplined and I’m in date for my RNFT means I’m unlikely to get redundancy and people that don't want to go are more likely to be pushed if they are useless.

Surely people that want to go no matter how there performance has been in the past shown be chosen before non-applicants.

Has anyone else read this and have I got the wrong end of the stick.


Lantern Swinger
The redundancy boards were desribed to me as reverse promotion boards. So if your out of date for rnft and your reports are poor you will be top of the hit list. However if everyone in your branch is in date and has decent reports (unlikely I know) then it will probably be down to the old chicken bones. Another factor is that they have only had 400 volunteers for 1600 redundancies, so if your are in a branch that requires a lot of billets to go then be prepared for bad news in September. I know it's shit but these are the times we are living in.
It seems that getting rid of people that might not be great at their job but keen to stay and if managed well could improve, as too people that although are good at their job clearly want to leave, will leave a larger manning gap than perhaps planned. People who don't get redundency and ask for it will probably be keen to jump ship.

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