Redundancy / Branch transfer question... what do you need to do to apply?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Drayton, Oct 26, 2011.

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  1. Sorry new to rum ration, so I don't know if I am in the right section or not!

    I am currently doing a course and I have been finding it really hard to pass I would like to ask has anyone got any information on branch transfer and whether drafty is after any particular branch?

    Another option would be redundancy, but what do I need to do to apply? I have done 12 years and I am a LALH so I would be straight into the bracket if I fail my course.

    Any information?
  2. I think it all depends on what trade you are to be honest which you havent mentioned.
  3. The branch I am currently serving in is WE
  4. SJRM's right mate, the next tranche hasn't been announced yet so don't take anything you've heard regarding redundancy branches as gospel. If you're refering to being rated back to an ET, they got rid of a load of ETs in the first tranche so you might be ok.

    With regards to branch shortages, there aren't very many opportunities at the minute. The only real transfers being accepted at present are for LET(ME)SM, Diver and RN Police (As of the middle of October 2011).

    You may be better off sticking with your current course? Could be the lesser of the two evils in the current climate.
    If you're struggling with the course, tell one of your instructors and they SHOULD give you the help you need. Don't know which part of the course you're finding hard, but I know from experience that the Math on LETs course is a particular pain in the arse!

    Good luck anyway
  5. HI
    Having just sat the RT test again(first time round 11 years ago) to branch transfer to MA, my DO has said that I did not achieve the required standard (70) of which I got 64.

    I have had a look at the branches that I can apply for based on my RT score and the only 2 I have considered having job satisfaction in is either writer or service policeman. Since speaking with my DO she says that another thing I have to take into consideration is promotion, she seems to think that promotion in these 2 branches is dire and that I should become a seaman specialist!
    So I have to make the decision, do I want promotion in a job that I would hate doing or vice versa?

    Does anyone know what the promotion prospects are like in the Service Police / Writer branches?
  6. Why would you do a job you hate when you have a won't like it and they won't like you so you really do need to think this through properly.
  7. Exactly why would I want to do a job that I don't enjoy and with people who I won't get on with?
  8. You answer a question by asking the same question again? How very odd.
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  9. Service police it is then :smile:
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  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer


    Unlikely. Anybody who wants to join 'The Branch' in order to get out of their current one will be sussed out very quickly indeed. Periods of assessment, CO recommendation and selection have to be passed even before you attend course, so not as easy as some might think. However if/when you're in, promotion is very good - although the promotion courses are nails now (e.g. Level III Investigator is mandatory for all RPOs/MAAs now. This course is similar to the SIO Course that CID officers have to do, hence the number of people who do not pass it first time!) Furthermore, the opportunity to do sea time as an LREG/RPO is limited, given the few ships drafts available these days. However you do get chances to go on some interesting LFS posts.

    To the OP, I would suggest that you do some research if you really want to do it. But don't expect it to happen overnight - and it's not as simple as just slapping in a Request Form... :oops:
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  11. Thanks for the info. It is good to hear that there is promotion in the branch despite what my D.O says. The D.O says that the only way forward for me is to become a Sea Spec as that is where the promotion is. But I also know you have to have the right job satisfaction / promotion balance.
    I don't think I will have problems with the CO's recommend as I have been selected for LET and failed course.
    I have been in for 11 years so time is getting on for me! The course for me was way out of my depth as I struggled on the Maths side of things.
    I am definitely going to think this one over and get some more information prior to making this important decision.
    Thanks guys for your info so far
  12. ===============================================


    On 26-10-11 OP posted:

    Then at 18:40 today, 22-07-12 OP posted:

    Dunno about your branch change, 'Badges' :wink:, but it looks a bit of the old dog-watch instruction on adders-uppers & takers-awayers might not go amiss, eh? =|

  13. Be fair, he did say his maths was crap!

    Should make a brilliant Reggie then!
  14. brilliant!

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