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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by supermario, Sep 30, 2011.

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  1. Royal Navy Redundancy Tranche 1 Notifications

    As part of the Armed Forces Redundancy Programme, and following on from the Army and the RAF earlier this month, today, 30 September, the Royal Navy is notifying personnel selected for redundancy in Tranche 1 of the programme.


    Approximately 1,020 Naval Service personnel, comprising around 670 applicants and around 350 non-applicants, will be notified that they have been selected for redundancy. Notifications will be made by Commanding Officers or a delegated Notifying Officer, either face-to-face in their ship or establishment or, where this is not possible, by telephone.

    To implement the changes announced in the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), the Naval Service is reducing in size by approximately 5,000 people in order to reach a figure of around 30,000 regular Service personnel by April 2015.

    While about a third of the required reduction for the Royal Navy can be achieved by people leaving in normal course and by reducing recruiting and the numbers of extensions of service, the remainder can only be identified in the required timeframe through redundancy. Over the next three years, it is anticipated that up to 3,250 Naval Service personnel will be made redundant.

    The Royal Navy launched the first tranche of its Redundancy Programme on 4 April 2011, inviting eligible personnel to apply to be considered for compulsory redundancy. In line with the approach across the Services individuals were later selected following a rigorous Boarding and Selection process using published criteria.

    As is the case throughout the year, a large number of Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel are today engaged in operations across the globe, at sea, on land and in the air.

    Detailed arrangements have been made to notify those selected for redundancy as swiftly as possible, wherever they are serving. Those engaged in certain operations, in Afghanistan and off the coast of Libya for example, within a specified timeframe, qualify for exemption from selection for redundancy unless they are applicants.

    However, with so many people routinely deploying overseas, it is not possible for the Navy to reduce in size without including many individuals who have regularly contributed to operations throughout their careers.

    All those selected for redundancy will be supported through the Divisional System and will be provided with a comprehensive resettlement package to assist with their preparations for civilian life.

    The First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, has this morning issued a statement to everyone serving in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines regarding the Armed Forces Redundancy Programme first tranche notifications, in which he expresses his appreciation and thanks to those who have been selected for redundancy. In this statement he said:

    "To those of you who have been selected for redundancy, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have contributed to the Service and to the nation's security.

    "Do not underestimate what you have achieved in the Service, or the value that others will place on your experience gained in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

    "However long you have served, your professionalism and dedication to duty are greatly appreciated by me and my colleagues on the Navy Board, and we are indebted to you for the commitment you have shown."

    The full text of his statement can be found in the RN Galaxy Briefing Note at Related documents.

    There will be up to three further tranches of redundancy for each Service, to be delivered by April 2015, with Tranche 2 of the Redundancy Programme to be launched early next year.

    As stated by the Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir David Richards, earlier this month, it is recognised that this continues to be an unsettling time for servicemen and women and their families. Every effort is being made by each of the Services to keep people fully and promptly informed of developments as the redundancy programme progresses.
  2. What are people thinking? For the good of the country, or are they dangerous?

    Also what does this mean for people going through the recruitment process?

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  3. Redundancy Announcements

    A Comment from First Sea Lord First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, has today, 30 September, issued a statement to everyone serving in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines regarding the Armed Forces Redundancy Programme first tranche notifications. The full text of his statement can be found here.

    A Comment from NFF Chair, Kim Richardson
    Today (30 September) a number of Naval service personnel and their families will find out whether or not they have been selected for redundancy. For those who have volunteered and are successful with their application it is good news and we wish you well for the future. But, for those who applied but didn’t get it or didn’t apply but got it, it may well be a very different story.

    The NFF has worked closely with Navy Command in the build up to this first announcement. A lot of work has gone into getting the process right. We have been impressed with the engagement and determination to ensure serving personnel and families are equipped with the maximum information and support.

    The Naval Service is unique. You really have to try it to get it. It isn’t just a job; it is a way of life. For some moving on to, or back into civvy street, may be a daunting prospect, for others it is an exciting opportunity. How people react and how much support and help they will require is personal to that serving person and their family. No one size will fit all.

    As a family, leaving service provided accommodation, looking for a new home, moving to a new area, children changing schools, hunting for jobs, finding a GP and dentist may have to be on your radar over the next 12 months. It may seem daunting. There are lots of organisations out there who offer help and guidance.

    If you have been made redundant and have any problems, worries and concerns, there are a few places you can go for help and advice. Check out our web pages on Redundancy by clicking here for further detail.

    If you are a family member of someone who has been made redundant and are struggling to find answers to your questions, please contact the NFF.

    NFF Extended Office Hours
    In light of the Tranche 1 Naval Service Redundancy announcements taking place on Friday 30 September, the NFF will be running extended office hours on Friday 30 September and the weekend of 1-2 October. Serving personnel should in the first instance direct any questions to the Fleet Redundancy Cell or their Divisional Officer. However, if family members have any questions or comments they would like to raise with the NFF please e-mail: [email protected] or telephone the office on: 023 9265 4374 and wait for a call back. Please note that the office will not be open for walk-ins.

    Redundancy Pages
    Visit the dedicated Redundancy section of our website for supporting information on the resettlement process, links to employment agencies and training opportunities, details on pension and compensation upon redundancy, and links to financial and charitable support. There is also information on leaving Service Accommodation and guidance for those considering home purchase.

    Complete our short web poll
    Do you have a view on the redundancy announcements that you would like to register with the NFF? Please complete our short web poll (on the right hand side of the page) and your comments will be forwarded onto the Fleet Redundancy Cell and the Chain of Command.
  4. Royal Navy redundancies

  5. It doesn't affect the recruitment preocess.

    edited to add putting your name on a public forum isn't a good idea. Persec and all that
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  6. I have never really been that worried about it but thinking about it, it's not really a good idea. I will change it all shortly. Thanks.

    I meant to ask how this news will affect the waiting time or even the likelihood for someone going through the recruitment process to actually get a job in the Navy. Surely if we are making deep cuts with plans for more, the Navy wont be hiring?

  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    MODS there are now 4 separate threads on Redundancies, as a very important subject would it be possible to put them all together so that all of the information and comments are in one place?
  8. 2 out of the 8 people eligible in my department on board were made redundant. Both had done just over 4 years and didn't deserve or wanted to go. Gutted for them.

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  9. A good idea, Janner. We could leave one of them in Diamond Lil's though, for a different kind of flavour.
  10. Those that I know who have been given the push also don't deserve to go yet we have proper mongs stealing a living.
  11. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    "Those that I know who have been given the push also don't deserve to go yet we have proper mongs stealing a living"

    How many of your 'special enlarged photos of you & me & some naughty toys time' accrued over the years did you have to dig out to stay in MLP? ;-)

    Gutted for those that got the bad news today - fingers crossed for their future.
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  12. Tough shit, welcome to the real world. It's a shit sandwich and we all have to take a bite.
  13. All of them, I'm now out of ammo for tranche 2, 3 and promotion.

    Ah good, my own personal quote regenerating, poorly educated, racist stalker is back.
  14. If theyve only been in 4 years why the hell have they been made redundant
  15. Because that was the criteria for them 4 years + and it therefore made it cheaper to get rid of this of 4 years than those of 12 years of the same rate.

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  16. Well I hope all you lads and lassies who are getting the boot leave your address mobile number etc just in case your country needs you.

    Myself I lost a cracking job many years ago through these arse hole tories. They should make a boat out of politicians. Shite floats on water.
  17. You really think the last lot of **** wits that caused this shit state of financial affairs would have been doing anything different to try to pull our collective arses out of the fire? The Tories are bad enough but our glorious socialist party members have even less of a liking for those who serve.

    I should point out I am in full agreement with your last statement though ;-)

    Political crap aside good luck to those that have been pushed.
  18. i am amazed at some of the dross in sickbay/drake gate that STILL steal a living

    we all know serial down graders that year-upon-year continue to serve (no purpose)
  19. True, it takes a certain character to pull that little number off. I spent my last year in the mob downgraded and driving a desk - and trying all the time to get back to P2. Didn't happen. But some of the barrack stanchions I worked with had been swinging the lead for over 3 years. Personally, by the time my MBOS came round I was ready to get out as I knew I couldn't do the job anymore....

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